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23.03.2009 NPP News

NPP’s criminal plans exposed

By The Ghanaian Journal
NPP’s criminal plans exposed

…Tapes of recordings uncovered.

Clandestine moves plotted by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to cause mayhem during the transfer of power to the duly elected government have being uncovered.

Speaking on the Radio Gold programme on Saturday and monitored by, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Member of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) and editor of Insight Newspaper, his intelligent report revealed that telephone calls made by a lady in Europe instructing that some criminal elements be found to create the conditions for mayhem, that could not make it possible to transfer power smoothly to the duly elected government of Ghana is exposed. “That Telephone Call was not a fiction; today most of the people involved in that plot have publicly declared their involvement” he said

He revealed that a Revered Minister admitted on radio Gold that his voice was captured on tape in relation to some plots against the ruling government. “Even before the results were declared the NPP were schememing to sabotage the will of the people through the enacting of criminal act.

He said there were other tapes which had respectable citizens plotting to bring dead bodies from Kumasi in vans and to conceal the dead bodies in packets of biscuits. He said the tapes recorded these people arranging for blood and dead bodies to spread around the country especially in the Volta Region to create panic so that they could subvert the will of the people.

“Are these the democrats, are these the people who believe in the rule of law, are these the people who are committed to the aspirations of the Ghanaian people? They certainly are not.”

He fumed that “now the plot has not changed and the plot has continued until today, the strategy is that even when there is nothing they will create something. They are still finding dead bodies from Kumasi concealing them in biscuits packs to create panic.”

He said everything that the NPP have done since January 7th 2009 confirms these plots. “And I must make the point very clearly, that I am not talking about every body who is a member of the NPP or a sympathizer of the NPP, am talking a small click of “Hot Heads” and anti democratic elements within the NPP, who are seeking not only to subvert the constitutional order but to destroy the NPP”.

Mr. Pratt cautioned that what the members are doing eventually will destroy the NPP as a credible voice and a credible party in the political environment of the country, that small group, he says, is the group which is doing what it is doing and it thinks that by so doing the NPP will come back to power in four years, they are dreaming, he said

“Sometimes if you listen to them very carefully and examine their actions it doesn't seem to me that they are looking to come back in four years, because their methods are criminal and unconstitutional, they have no respect for the constitution. They probably will be very happy if they can succeed in destructing the government of today.”

Kwesi Pratt said over the last couple of months, he had personally being in touch with some other people in the NPP who are thinking about the nation and who do not subscribe to what is happening.

He said three weeks ago he had an informal discussion with Mr. Victor Newman, one of the key supporters of Nana Akuffo-Addo campaign, who said that the NPP has a responsibility to protect his members and that if there were witch hunted they had to fight it. According to Mr. Pratt, Mr Newman, said that if there were people in the party who have stolen state properties and messed themselves up, the party should not be collectively responsible for the actions of any individual, especially when it can be proven that those individuals have committed criminal offence.

He complimented Dan Botwe's statement that if an NPP minister served for eight years and cannot buy him/herself a vehicle for his private use then something might be wrong with that minister. Dan Botwe supported the argument that arrangement made to sell state properties to departing ministers should come to an end, and that makes sense. “It gives clear impression that people like Dan Botwe are looking beyond the ordinary and acting in the national interest.”

“The problem however is that these reasonable persons in the NPP are hiding in the background for the elements who believe in crime as a political weapon to take the center stage and destroy the political path. The time has come for the NPP to weed out those elements in the party who do not believe in the rule of law and check these elements who wants to destroy their party. If they don't do that all of them will be swept away in the hallway and the generations to come will blame them for the demise of the their own political party.”