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17.03.2009 Politics

Pressure group takes Mills to task

By The Statesman

A new pressure group, calling itself Committee for Democratic Movement, Friday expressed grave concern about the creeping state of insecurity which is engulfing almost all parts of the country on daily basis and called on President JEA Mills to take decisive action to halt the situation.

At a press conference, CDM also called on the government to ensure that the security agencies discharge their duties impartially and effectively declaring, "if the government fails to do that then, it is calling for chaos which could lead to the deterioration of the security situation throughout the country.'

The statement read by Yaw Asamoa Budu, a spokesperson for the Committee, referred to reports of harassment, intimidation, violence and wanton destruction of life and properties of some Ghanaians who are perceived to be members of the main opposition New Patriotic Party.

The CDM noted that these recent negative developments had put the citizenry in a state of uncertainty, fear and general insecurity.

It said media and security reports on the attacks point to some activists of the NDC as the perpetrators, stating that this does not only paint a gloomy picture about Ghana but also scares potential investors away.

The Committee referred to the burning of houses in Tamale and Bawku as well as the military and civilian confrontation at Akim Oda and lately the incident at Assin Fosu involving the Central Regional Minister, Ama Benyiwa Doe, and the NPP constituency chairman.

It also referred to the continued seizure of cars belonging to individuals and members of the former NPP government by thugs and operatives of the NDC government.

The CDM specifically mentioned the seizure of cars of the children of former President J A Kufuor, the Barclays Managing Director and the unlawful seizure of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's vehicle among others.

The Committee also expressed concern about reports of bias by some security operatives who arrest victims rather than the real perpetrators of heinous crimes. It noted that this unfairness does not augur well for peace and stability in the country and the affected metropolis as well, citing the instances in Tamale, Bawku, Oda and Assin Fosu.

The CDM also took note of the way an opportunity offered to potential recruits of the Ghana Armed Forces was terminated, 'with flimsy excuse by the high command', charging, 'Ghanaians, let us resist oppressors rule. We are not in the culture of silence.'

It called on President Mills to fulfill his promise to reduce fuel prices drastically now that a barrel of crude oil ranges is about $40, insisting that the recent five percent reduction was not drastic enough.

The group also expressed concern about the current spate of road accidents and the carnage associated with it and called on the government to put pragmatic measures in place to stop it.

It also called on the President and the Interior Minster to investigate impartially the arrest of NPP Constituency Chairman of Assin North Constituency since Ama Benyiwa Doe, the Regional Minister, is an interested party in the case and doubles as the Chairperson of the Regional Security Council.

The CDM was of the view that the security of citizens and protection of civil rights and human liberties cannot and must not be compromised on the alter of political aggrandizement, asking President Mills to forcibly demonstrate that all Ghanaians irrespective of political affiliation can truly enjoy freedom, justice and security under the NDC administration.