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17.03.2009 Crime & Punishment

Jujuman rapes housewife

By gna

A circuit court in Goaso has sentenced a 37 year-old self-styled juju man, Alhaji Abonyere, to 15 years imprisonment in hard labour for sexually assaulting a housewife.

The convict pleaded guilty.
Chief Inspector Isaac Asomani Frimpong told the court that the victim was a nursing mother who lived with the husband at Sereguso in the Western Region while Abonyere also lived with his two wives at Camp 15 in the region.

He said in January the victim, who was suffering from menstrual disorder, was accompanied by her husband to the convict for herbal treatment.

The prosecutor said the convict demanded GHC 2.00 and a cock as consultation fee for the treatment and placed the housewife on treatment.

On February 3 when she reported to the convict for treatment Abonyere invited her into his room and asked her to obey all his instructions or she would go mad.

Abonyere then stripped the woman half naked and smeared the stomach with black powder.

Abonyere again removed the underwear of the housewife and put a talisman around her waist after which he asked her to bend down and continue to stir a calabash containing the blood of a fowl with a finger till he asked her to stop.

Chief Inspector Frimpong said as she did so Abonyere inserted his penis into her vagina and sexually assaulted her.

The prosecutor said the housewife returned home in tears and narrated the incident to the husband who reported the matter to the police who arrested Abonyere.