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07.03.2009 Politics

Help make Volta Region a show piece -Amenowode


Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister, on Thursday urged heads of department to help make the Volta Region a show piece by enriching the role of the Regional Co-ordinating Council.

Addressing Heads of Departments and Agencies in Ho on Thursday, he said irrespective of “where you come from in Ghana” you have to help make the Volta Region a showpiece.

“I do not have ears for people who talk about people,” Mr Amenowode assured the heads of departments, adding that, “I will know you myself, I don't need anybody to tell me about you.”

He said he would not propose to solve the problems of the various departments and agencies in the region, rather there would be collective attempts at solving such problems, and such attempts would constitute major steps towards solving problems of the region.

“It will be asking too much of public servants to be politically neutral in a multi-party democratic environment,” he said, adding that, notwithstanding their political inclinations, public servants were under obligation to serve all governments faithfully without exhibiting their political biases.

Some of the issues brought to the attention of Mr Amenowode included the need to solve problems confronting the youth in the region, the need to award contracts for construction of 10 irrigation dams for farmers in the region, which have been outstanding for three years, a workers' college to encourage workers to accept posting to the region because they would then be able to pursue further education.