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31.01.2009 Religion

Mad Rush For Juju Cash

By Daily Guide
Nana Abosom Akutre conjuring the money Nana Abosom Akutre conjuring the money

DRAMA allegedly unfolded at the shrine of Nana Abosom Akutre, a powerful fetish priest at Wenchi Subriso No II in the Brong Ahafo Region last Sunday when five persons seeking to get rich overnight through juju, jostled for money the priest had conjured from the gods to prove that he really wielded power to give money through juju.

In a demonstration of his ability to make people get money instantaneously, Nana Abosom Akutre, after performing the necessary rituals, conjured money from the gods.

But all the men who were ostensibly mad for quick money could not hide their eagerness as they scrambled for the money which was being conjured in different currencies and denominations.

The money-seeking young men, according to sources, were among a group of 40 Ghanaian men who about two months ago stormed the shrine of Nana Abosom Akutre for juju to get money but failed to accomplish that, though they paid GH¢2000 to the priest as consultation fee.

Reports indicate that the 40 men failed to let the juju work for them because they went contrary to Nana Abosom Akutre's instruction that they should not have sex at the initial stages of receiving the juju.

The 40 men, after failing to achieve their aim, went back to Nana Abosom Akutre to demand their GH¢2000 consultation fee, a demand sources said the renowned traditional worshipper refused to give in to.

Having failed to get their money back, the group started hopping from one radio station to the other in Kumasi and beyond to malign the fetish priest.

This development, DAILY GUIDE gathered, infuriated Nana Abosom Akutre, who vowed to deal drastically with the group, should any member of the group dare come to his shrine again.

Information gathered by this paper had it that as determined as the group was to get rich at all cost, they continued their search for juju money as they crisscrossed the entire country visiting shrines and Mallams, all to no avail.

Sources told DAILY GUIDE that any place the group visited, unfortunately for them, they were told Nana Abosom Akutre was the only person who could assist them with the juju because they already had a bond with the spiritualist which was yet to be broken.

Still bent on getting instant money, five members of the group decided to go and render an apology to Nana Abosom Akutre so he could give them the juju, whereas other members of the group declined to do that.

So after series of apologies and rituals to pacify the gods, Nana Abosom Akutre last Sunday performed another powerful ritual to give the anxious men juju for money.

The fetish priest, the paper gathered, after the rituals, sternly warned the five money-seekers not to disobey the rule that they should not have sex in the initial stages of receiving the juju this time around, else something untoward would happen to them.

In a telephone interview with DAILY GUIDE , Nana Abosom Akutre confirmed the story and revealed that of late people of all ages have been trooping to his shrine for juju to gain instant riches.

It would be recalled that DAILY GUIDE carried a story in the latter part of last year that one Kwasi Amoako, an Obuasi-based businessman went for juju from Nana Abosom Akutre to enable him get money but died shortly afterwards when he failed to comply with the instructions given.

The 55-year-old man was reported to have died because he went contrary to the instruction that he should not have sex with a lady in her menstrual period.

From Morgan Owusu, Kumasi