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29.01.2009 Politics

DCE Under Attack

By Daily Guide
DCE Under Attack

Solomon Aban-Quaye THE DISTRICT Chief Executive (DCE) for Awutu Senya, Solomon Aban-Quaye, has fled for his dear life to a hidden location following threats reportedly issued on him by known activists of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“I no longer sleep in the district; I sleep elsewhere and enter the district undercover and I disguise myself so people would not recognise me; I am worried because I have young children who still stay in the district and anything can happen to them,” Mr. Aban-Quaye told DAILY GUIDE in an interview on Monday.

The DCE said he was threatened with death after the NDC chairman for the Awutu-Senya constituency, Habib Abdramanie, last Saturday led some party executives and Police personnel to seize a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado which the invaders claim was a government car.

The NDC chairman was reported to have complained to the Police that the DCE was keeping a government vehicle and that the vehicle should be seized and towed to Accra.

He then led the Police in the company of other party executives to the DCE's house in an attempt to tow away the vehicle.

“When the Police inspected my documents they realised that it was my private vehicle so they decided to leave it but the NDC Chairman insisted that my documents were fake so the vehicle should be seized.

“They were very rough but the Police insisted that the vehicles was mine; I had information that another NDC task force team was coming from Accra with a towing vehicle so I allowed the car to be taken to the Police station to prevent it from being towed to Accra,” Mr. Aban-Quaye narrated to DAILY GUIDE.

He said latter at the Police Station, the NDC chairman and his activists had a verbal exchange with him and threatened to kill him.

“I asked them the sense of the telling me they would kill me before killing me. But I have taken it serious because they meant what they were saying and I have no reason to doubt it.

“It has turned out that the car is not a government car but my private car but they have already embarrassed me; I suspect they are doing this to pay me back for some decisions I took as DCE in the interest of the state but against their self interest,” Aban-Quaye explained.

Habib Abdramanie, in a telephone interview with DAILY GUIDE confirmed that he indeed went to the Police station to report that the said vehicle should be seized but he did not know it belonged to the DCE.

The NDC chairman said his information was that the said vehicle was a stolen vehicle that had been parked at a private residence and was about to be sold out so he wanted to prevent the sale of a stolen vehicle.

He explained further that it was only afterwards that he was informed that the vehicle belonged to the DCE.

“We do not have a problem with him as long as he can provide documents to show that he is the real owner of the car; that is all we are interested in and once he proves it, the case is ended,” the NDC chairman noted.

Habib Adramanie denied ever threatening the life of the DCE and said he also did not hear any of the NDC members issue such a threat.

By Halifax Ansah-Addo