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14.11.2008 NDC News

NDC Mp Hacks Chiefs

By Daily Guide

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Lower Manya Krobo Constituency, Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu, has accused the traditional leadership of his district, calling them self-seeking elements who see nothing good in people from other parts of the district.

The embattled MP, who was addressing party faithful at Nuaso-Krobo recently, incited the youth of the area to rise up against what he called 'the divisive rule of chiefs from Odumase-Krobo sector of the district' if they want to secure their future.

Hon. Nyaunu, who had been in the news on several occasions over some of his controversial utterances, pitched the traditional rulers against one another, and virtually kicked against the full participation of the people of Nuaso in the annual Ngmayem festival in the area.

“The Odumase elders think they are the wisest people in the constituency. They have fooled us all this while, and it amazes me that every year we all dress up and join them to celebrate the Ngmayem festival. There is no point in buying new clothes, shoes and other apparel to join them in celebrating the festival,” he told the gathering.

According to him, the Konor of Manya Krobo, Nene Sakitey II, District Chief Executive, David Sakitey Asare, and Presiding Member, Emmanuel Agyarko, all hail from Odumase, and does not understand why the position of MP should go there.

“If you don't hail from Odumase then you are not respected. Even a madman from Odumase is more respected than a wise man from Nuaso. They cheated our forefathers and they want to cheat us the children too, but that will be over my dead body”.

The maverick MP alleged that there are more scholars in Odumase than other parts of the district simply because they cheated and stole the scholarships meant for other people's children, stressing that there is a grand agenda to perpetually keep the Dorm people in perpetual subjugation.

“This is the simple truth, and if you the youth will not rise up against this injustice then it's your own cup of tea. As for me, I know I will not be an MP for life, but you will blame yourselves if you allow them to continue with their agenda”.

He concluded by contending that the traditional Nadu war drums played as a signal for battle or emergency situations, do not belong to Odumase-Krobo.

Hon. Nyaunu who was in the news less than a fortnight ago for allegedly assaulting some Community Health Nurses at Kpong would for long be remembered for openly kicking against the NDC presidential candidate, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, a development that blasted in his own face and prompted many in the constituency to tag him an 'NDC Judas'.

As far back as January 30, 2008, he told the world that the NDC stood every chance of losing the December elections if it presented Prof. Mills as its flagbearer, saying the man was too weak physically for the race.

“You need not necessarily be a doctor before knowing that somebody is sick. Somebody need not really be diagnosed before you can say that he is sick. How do we even identify AIDS Patients? Your own brother in the house, there is a way you can see him and say there is something wrong with him because he is no more as he used to be because at that time his attitude and everything changes. And that is what I am saying,” he said.

He stressed he was afraid the party would be put in a dilemma if the flagbearer failed to finish the race, saying there should be an early congress.

“My biggest fear is that he cannot withstand the pressures of this campaign, period, because he is indisposed, the man is sick. The man is seriously sick, and if our people don't want to say it I detest it, I hate it, I abhor it. We must speak nothing but the truth. The man cannot withstand.

We are not joking for this 2008 election. Being in opposition for so many years like this you think it is an easy thing? And then we will be going with a weak leader like that? No way. No way. We will have to change. That is what I mean”.

Whether he is a Judas or not would be established after the election, which is just three weeks away.

By Bennett Akuaku