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11.11.2008 Politics

EU Election Observers In Ghana

By ISD (Godfried Yormesor)

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has invited the European Union Election Observation Mission to observe this year's Presidential and Parliamentary Elections slated for December 7.

In this direction, the Mission, led by Mr Nicholay Mladenov, the Chief Observer, and a member of the European Parliament, has already arrived in the country with seven election experts.

At a pre-Observation Mission Departure briefing in Accra yesterday, the Chief Observer, Nikolay Mladenov, stated that the European Union has begun the deployment of long-term observers to all ten regions of Ghana to observe the general elections.

He said 30 additional short-term observers will be deployed on the Election Day to augment those already on the background.

The Chief Observer intimated that two days after the polls, a preliminary report will be issued, explaining that this is a first assessment of the election process and the final assessment will be very comprehensive with recommendations for the Electoral Commission.

In an answer to a question, Mr Mladenov said Ghana has committed herself to the attainment of international standards of election process and further revealed that EU member-states Embassies in Ghana will also provide election monitoring observers making in all 70 election observation officials for the nation's general elections on December 7.

Mr Mladenov revealed that the Observation Mission to the regions will study the electoral registers, the EC, the political parties and campaign procedures, the voting patterns and other related issues.

Mr Mladenov said Ghana has a sound reputation for good election processes in the past and the EU Mission is only here to assist her in any salient issues pertaining to the electioneering processes.

He further said that the observers deployed to the regions will report directly to the Ghana Electoral Commission in consonance to the laws and other commitments in relation to international standards.

In the case of a run-off, Mr Mladenov expressed the opinion that it might come on December 27; the Electoral Observers will remain in Ghana to fulfill the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed with the Electoral Commission to provide information required for the election process.

It would be recalled that the main objectives of the E U Election Observation are to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the election process, enhance public confidence in the electoral process, deter fraud, strengthen respect for human rights and to contribute to conflict resolutions.