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27.10.2008 Politics

Rawlings Bites Kufuor

By Daily Guide
Rawlings Bites Kufuor

President JA Kufuor FOUNDER OF the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jerry John Rawlings, has once again descended heavily on President Kufuor and other leading members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), describing them as a bunch of thieves who have no sympathy for the poor.

He lamented that despite the economic hardship the NPP's bad governance had brought onto Ghanaians, President Kufuor and members of his government continued to steal from the nation's coffers.

Without any facts to support his claims, former President Rawlings lamented that poor leadership by the NPP had destroyed the solid foundation laid by the P/NDC governments.  

Addressing a huge crowd at the Suame Magazine in Kumasi on Friday as part of his campaign for Prof. Mills in the Ashanti region, an enraged Rawlings described the NPP as a violent and corrupt party that did not care about the welfare of Ghanaians.

According to him, over the past years, NDC officials did not commit a single crime in the country and boasted that he could now walk freely to any part of the country without any fear or guilty conscience because of how he comported himself during the P/NDC administrations, which he led.

Former President Rawlings told the crowd how no one could accuse him or his party of any crime, and stressed that nobody could cite a single misdeed that the P/NDC government committed during its administration.

Forgetting that he was only lending a helping hand to the party's flagbearer, Prof Evans Atta Mills, former President Rawlings praised himself and his 19-year rule and assured the supporters of his great love for the nation and how he would continue to remain faithful to the party and the people.

Former President Rawlings told the people how he never stole any money from the nation's coffers throughout his 19-year rule, saying President Kufuor's administration could never be compared to his, as all forms of crime and lies could be found in the latter's administration, accusing the NPP government of amassing wealth at the expense of the masses.

Former President Rawlings reiterated the controversial statement that he did not fear God but respected Him.

He said when he first made the statement, he had wanted to explain to Ghanaians how he was close to God and lamented that most Ghanaians misconstrued him and read different meanings into his statement.

He told the crowd that because of the fear of God in him, the NDC, under his leadership, created an enabling environment that had made the country a peaceful one.

Former President Rawlings conceded that Ghanaians were currently living in peace and stressed that it was very disheartening that the NPP wanted to take the credit for that, claiming that it was because of the NDC's administration that there was a serene atmosphere in the country presently.

The NDC founder as well debunked the NPP's claim that it had built a solid foundation for the nation.

He said had it not been the fact that NPP rigged the elections, there was no way it could have come to power, and urged the electorate to be wary during this year's election and ensure that the exercise was free and fair.

He urged the NDC supporters to bring Ghana back to the stage where they could enjoy liberty, freedom and justice as their freedom was gained through the death of some soldiers, policemen and civilians.

The deputy youth organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams, urged the enthusiastic crowd to remember only the name of Prof. Mills during the December 7 elections and no one else's.

Mr Adams told the youth that the NPP government had nothing good to offer them so they should vote it out of power without hesitation.

The former president was accompanied by Mr. Ohene Agyekum, Ashanti Regional chairman of the party and other national executives.  

From Stella Danso, Kumasi