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23.10.2008 Politics

Electorate urged to vote for visionary leaders

By gna

Miss Petra Maria Amegashie, vice presidential candidate of the People's National Convention (PNC) on Wednesday appealed

to the electorate to vote for visionary leaders who would improve upon their livelihoods.

"Our party's flag bearer Dr Edward Mahama has vision and he is committed

to his ideals and has proved that he is consistent in his campaign messages. Ghanaians have come to realise that this is the time to elect the PNC into office," she said.

Ms Amegashie was speaking during a familiarisation tour of the offices of TV3, Choice FM and the Ghanaian Times.

She said the country needed a leader who would focus on the needs of the people and implement humane policies.

Ms. Amegashie called for a paradigm shift from insults to issue based campaigns in the run up to the polls in December.

"We must not vilify our political opponents in order to prove to the electorate that politics is not a dirty game," she said.

Ms. Amegashie stressed the need to make petty trading lucrative and not allow the Ghanaian market to be flooded with cheap foreign imports.

She urged women not to shy away from politics which was seen as a male dominated terrain.

Ms Amegashie advised the media to disseminate information that would help promote peaceful elections.

Ms Emma Morrison, Head of Foreign Desk at TV3, Mr Raymond Afagatsi, Senior Management Member of Choice FM, Mr Enimil Ashong, Editor of the Spectator and Merari Alomele, Features Editor of Weekly Spectator took Ms Amegashie round the various departments at their establishments.