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22.10.2008 CPP News

CPP Candidate To Set Up Fund For Development

The Convention People's Party (CPP) parliamentary candidate for the Weija Constituency, Mr Osman Ahmed Okyere, has said he will establish a town development fund to take care of development projects in the constituency when elected into Parliament.

He said the fund would be used for vocational training of the youth and to maintain clean environmental standards.

Mr Okyere, who visited the offices of the Daily Graphic, said he had observed the problems associated with the local government system and the decentralisation programme, adding that the practice of depending on the government and the district assemblies for development projects in the constituency was not helping its growth.

“The local government system and decentralisation have been a problem in the Weija Constituency.


The belief that every community has to depend on the government or the district assemblies for development projects is wrong.


I believe that something can be done by empowering the communities to take initiatives themselves and that is what I will do when elected,” he said.

"This quest to uplift the Weija Constituency from bondage coincides with my campaign theme — leading communities towards greater self-determination," he added.

Mr Okyere said every community in the constituency had a problem and that the only way to solve that was to enhance the human resource of the people.

In addition, he said he would encourage a collaboration between the assembly and the town development committee to help in developing the communities.

In his message to the chiefs and the youth of the constituency, Mr Okyere said he would play a vital role in solving any chieftaincy or boundary dispute, as well as create avenues for the youth to be self-employed.

He, therefore, called on the electorate to rally behind him and the CPP and vote massively for them at the December polls.