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22.10.2008 General News

'The Future Is For The Youth Not For The Uneducated'

By Edmund Mingle -

A director at the Commercial Crime Unit of the Police CID headquarters, Deputy Superintendent of Police Felix Mawusi, has admonished young people to take their education seriously since that is the only way they could become productive adults.

“Although you are the future leaders, you must have the prerequisite conditions, such as being an educated adult to become a good leader,” he told the youth of the Church of Christ in Accra at a lecture on Monday.

The lecture, which was on the theme: “The youth and his calling,” formed part of  the 2008 Youth Week celebration of the Alajo branch of the church.

DSP Mawusi, who is a leader of the church, told the audience which included young people from the various branches of the church, there was the need for young people to prepare adequately for the future.

“You must prepare today to become a leader tomorrow,” he said, reminding them that leadership in future would not get to them automatically at adulthood, but only to those who have developed themselves for that opportunity.

He observed that the current generation of young people was faced with many influences and social vices which tend to draw them from God and their studies.

DSP Mawusi, however, asked them to be strong in the face of all bad influences,and place their God and education first at all times.

Basing his lecture on Ezekiel 22:30, he said God uses educated, skilled and wise individuals to lead his people.

He therefore reminded them that as young people and students, their only duty is to study.

“You do not have any excuse to fail to become a leader in future,” he said.

DSP Mawusi urged them to be determined and see all problems as challenges that have to be overcome on the road to success.