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29.09.2008 Politics

Doctor Mahama diagnoses Ghana's socio-economic ailments

By gna
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Dr. Edward Nasigrie Mahama, internationally acclaimed gynaecologist on Monday diagnosed Ghana's socio-economic ailment
over the past 51 years and declared his conviction to contest as Presidential Candidate to stem the underdevelopment into which the country had been plunged.
"I am contesting against poverty, corruption, ineptitude, under development, mediocrity, diseases, incompetence, filth and under development,” Dr. Mahama Flag bearer of the People's National Convention (PNC) for Election 2008 told
the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.
He said these are some of the ills of society that Election 2008 should focus on, adding; “our people are suffering under the harsh property owing democracy policies of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Ghanaians need solutions to their economic problems not empty promises.”
"I am not happy with the current trend of development in the country; corruption is still high, access to health care very difficult, facilities at health centers outdated, bad roads network, and educational system on the decline, associated with lack of motivation for our hard working teachers, civil servants, farmers and poor general condition across board.
“Yet we see people in government openly exhibiting opulence in the midst of poverty and turn round to accuse the poor of being lazy. This is unacceptable and these are the reason why I want to be a President to offer solutions," Dr Mahama told the GNA.

Dr. Mahama who is the President and Medical Director of Superior Medical Centre, Lecturer and Consultant of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital noted that a PNC government under his presidency will establish an enabling environment, using the views of all who have practical ideas to contribute to the commercial, social and economic development of the country.

“We shall cherish role models in business, the professions, trades, science, technology and other pursuits. Investors will experience an excellent, facilitating and unprecedented climate for growth.
“All of us can and need to work together to mould Ghana into the much greater place it can and should be,” he said.

The PNC Flag bearer who is also a fellow of the West African College of Surgeons said; “In all these efforts, my master plan involves sharing my commitment to absolute honesty, as well as my spirit of enthusiasm and service that is based on a non-violent movement.

“These are some components of the vision I wish to share with my fellow countrymen and women, as well as with the friends of Ghana”.

Dr Mahama explained that he enters the political terrain with proven strategies that can lift the country from the current situation of depression and near hopelessness.

“I am proud to be part of the beginning of this change for a new destination. Let us progressively create a Ghana in which the average citizen will be equally comfortable in living and raising his family in any part of our
country,” he said.

The PNC Flag bearer declared that his government would irrevocably commit to being human-centred, respect the rule of law, and protect the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all citizens.

“Citizens and residents must and shall enjoy equal justice under our laws as a right and not as a privilege. Indeed, the whole purpose of justice is in the protection that is offered to the weak against exploitation and related predatory inclinations of the wealthy and privileged in the society,” Dr Mahama declared.

“I am willing to bet and accordingly surrender my stethoscope to anybody if, as President of the Republic of Ghana, my administration fails in enhancing the personal security, as well as the political, economic and social
progress of all Ghanaians, irrespective of political party affiliation, ethnicity, religion, gender, creed and social status.

“As President of our nation, I shall work with a cross-section of only honest men and women from all political parties. Dishonest and corrupt persons shall have no place in my government. As part of our efforts toward national reconciliation, PNC will work toward and within a transparent
and consensual type of politics,” Dr Mahama noted.