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July 8, 2008 | Politics

Politicians will no longer rule Ghana…New Vision Party leader prophesies

Issah Alhassan, Kumasi - Ghanaian Chronicle

BEGINNING January 9th 2009, the fate and destiny of this country will no longer be in the hands of wicked politicians and academicians who deny the people prosperity by the stroke of the pen.

Instead God Almighty has chosen his own people to steer the affairs of this country in his own way and lead its citizens to success and happiness in the upcoming elections.

This prophecy was made by the Founder and Leader of the newly formed New Vision Party, Rev. Prophet Daniel Yaw Nkansah in Kumasi during the party's regional delegate's congress.

According to him, the time had come for God to redeem his people from the cruel administration of the present day politicians who selfishly think about themselves to the detriment of the ordinary citizens.

“When the wicked or the fool rules a nation, there is chaos, anarchy and despondency amongst its people but when the wise and the God fearing guide a nation, the people prosper and happiness abounds,” he quoted from the Bible.

Prophet Nkansah noted that ever since the destiny of this country was handed to politicians, the nation had continued to suffer under successive governments with poverty, hardships, diseases and lack of access to basic social amenities even though the country was endowed with rich mineral resources.

“Our politicians are only interested in eating, drinking, buy big mansions and cars to satisfy their personal ambitions while the poor continue to suffer in diseases, malnourishment and disrespect,” he stated.

The founder and leader pledged that when his party assumes power come January 2009, the lifestyle of Ghanaians, particularly the poor would change for the better, while the menace of diseases, hunger, crime and road accidents would completely vanish.

He noted that the National Health Insurance Scheme, which the NPP government claimed was introduced to provide quality health services for the people was not serving the interest of the poor and the vulnerable because those who cannot afford to pay the premium are denied access and that those who could manage to pay would still have to wait six months before accessing the benefits of the scheme.

Prophet Nkansah, however, promised that under the leadership of the New Vision Party, there would be an instant free access to health care, saying the NPP government could have implemented the scheme for free but for wickedness.

He said people would be able to access education for free up to the Senior High School level while educational syllabus would be structured in a way that would be morally and religiously accepted.

On the question of how he would manage the affairs of this country since he was not educated, the Prophet of God said leadership was not about books or academics but with God's guidance, he would be able to handle the affairs of this country to the satisfaction of everybody adding that those who have acquired book knowledge can go to the classroom to teach.

Prophet Nkansah also denied the perception that the party was formed on religious lines and that it was reserved only for the Christians, indicating that the top hierarchy of the party was made up of people from other religions.

He urged members in the Islamic, Buddhism, Christians and traditionalists to join the party in their quest to rescue the country from the hands of wicked politicians. Meanwhile, the party has elected one Prince Gambrah as its Regional Chairman by popular acclamation in an election which was monitored by Officials of the l Electoral Commission.

Other executives elected by popular acclamation included Mr.Zurkanain Adams as the Vice Chairman, Samuel Duodu and Francis Amoah as the Regional Secretary and Deputy respectively, with Gifty Arthur and Robert Kobbie as the Women's Organizer and youth organizer respectively.

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