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09.05.2008 General News

Accra Bourse Inches Slightly

By Our Reporter -

The GSE All-Share Index, the main market indicator of the Accra bourse on Thursday inched slightly by 0.4 points.

The index closed at 6,600.14 points from 6,600.10 points at the previous trading session on Wednesday.

Traded shares declined sharply further from 797,800 shares on Wednesday to 22,500 shares on Thursday with CAL Bank selling the highest of 21,600 shares.

Change year to date now stands at 0.01 per cent. The only gainer, Ghana Commercial Bank made 0.0001 GH cedis to close at 0.9951 GH cedis.

Market capitalisation increased slightly at 12,368.83 GH cedis from 12,368.80 million GH Cedis on Wednesday.

The following are the prices of equities in Ghana cedis

Equities Closing Price in GH cedisABL 0.1150AGA 30.0000ALW 0.7100AYRTN 0.0978BOPP 0.4900CAL 0.4421CFAO 0.0350CLYD 0.0800CMLT 0.1700CPC 0.0530EBG 2.0000EIC 1.3000ETI 1.2815FML 2.3900GCB 0.9951 +0.0001GGBL 1.2310GOIL 0.3100GWEB 0.0550HFC 0.5398MLC 0.2100PKL 0.0800PBC 0.2400PZ 0.8312SCB 26.0000SPL 0.0550SPPC 0.0330SG-SSB 1.2500SWL 0.0265 TBL 1.3250

TOTAL 5.4910

TRANSOL 0.1200

UNIL 2.1100

AADS 0.3450