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23.04.2008 CPP News

CPP calls for abrogation of AVRL contract… due to frequent water shortage in Ghana

By Stephen Odoi-Larbi - Ghanaian Chronicle
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The water shortages that have engulfed the country have compelled the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) to mount pressure on the government to abrogate the deal between the Government of Ghana and Aqua Vitens Rand Limited (AVRL).

“With immediate effect, the management contract should be terminated and handed over to Ghanaians,” the CPP said.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Accra yesterday, CPP Spokesperson for National Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Serchen Komba, maintained that the contract must be abrogated on the grounds that the content of the contract was not designed to expand the systems to meet the urban population growth.

He continued that the CPP was of the believe that “A Blackman is capable of managing its own affairs,” and that if the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government was in doubt of this philosophy it could invite CPP to give her the needed experts.

“If the compensation package being received by the AVRL is given to Ghanaian experts, they can perform more than what AVRL experts are doing,” the CPP man indicated.

Mr. Komba observed that after almost two-years of implementation of the contract, water shortage has hit the two major cities of Accra and Kumasi whose combined installed capacity represent 73.6% of the total urban water supply installation capacity in the country that were handed over to the operator.

He said at the beginning of the contract Ghanaians were told that the operator had a special managerial skills to solve the water supply problems in the country, which Ghanaians did not have.

The CPP man argued that the management contract was not in favour of the country since no target was incorporated into the contract to guide the Operator in the preparation of Capital Investment Plan for the systemic expansion of the systems to increase water supply coverage in the urban areas.

A failed CPP Presidential aspirant, Dr. Yaw Osafo observed that the crust of the problems in Ghana was lack of believe in Ghanaians to do anything for themselves.

“We don't believe in ourselves, every little thing somebody must be contracted to do it for us,” he concluded.

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