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14.04.2008 NPP News

Dishing out of money will not save NPP - Chireh

Dishing out of money will not save NPP - Chireh
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The dishing out of money to the electorate would not save New Patriotic Party (NPP) from defeat in Election 2008 because Ghanaians are aware that they came to power to grab everything for themselves and their cronies only, Mr Joseph Chireh, NDC MP for Wa West has said.

"Don't be deceived by money. Find out from them where they get the money and why they are giving you such monies now,” He told the constituency delegates' congress at Wechau that elected him to re-contest for the seat.

"Take the monies and spend, after all it is our monies that they have stolen but learn to do the right thing on the Election Day by voting for NDC," he said.

He said life had been become unbearable for the majority of Ghanaians; especially the ordinary people during the NPP rule and this had made the people to yearn for the NDC to return to power to save them from NPP's greed.

Mr Chireh said: "I will ensure that we give a real fight in spite of the fact that the NPP is dishing out a lot of money in the constituency and deceiving the people about development projects it has brought to the District."

He asked the polling agents of the party to be vigilant at the polling stations during this year's elections so as not to allow any electoral malpractices to take place whatsoever to ensure that the NDC won back power.

He said many communities in his constituency had been wired and high tension poles were heaped up during the NDC last days to send electricity to them but since NPP took over the administration of the country nothing had been done about it, pointing out that some of the poles were now rotten.

Mr Chireh said the NPP had been discriminating with its development pattern; award of contracts and appointment to jobs, while the NDC did not discriminate during its administration and this had made the NDC popular and strong among the people, an indication that the NPP was going to lose the December 7 Elections.

He said the one seat that the NPP won in the Upper West Region would be taken away from them this year due to its abysmal performance.

On the selection of Mr John Mahama, Member of Parliament for Bole/Bamboi constituency, as a running mate of Professor John Evans Atta Mills, he described the pair as well blended personalities and urged Ghanaians to give them their mandate to lead the country to paradise.

Mr Chireh thanked the delegates for the trust they have reposed in him and said the battle ahead of them was a difficult one and urged the supporters to remain united and to work hard to win the seat for the NDC.

Madam Elizabeth Awenebono Yeliwonuo, Wa West District Director of the Electoral Commission, declared Mr Chireh unopposed at the constituency primaries amidst jubilation and merry-making by the 215 delegates and teeming supporters of the NDC.

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