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09.04.2008 General News

Alleged Cocaine Seller Released

By Daily Graphic
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Mr Kwame Frempong, the man who was accused of selling the missing cocaine from the Police Exhibits Store at the CID Headquarters, has been released.

His release followed the reported retraction of the accusation by his accuser, Isaac Tenkorang, who subsequently apologised to Mr Frempong before the Kojo Armah Committee investigating the missing cocaine.

Mr Frempong, who was detained for 40 days without charge, was released last Friday after his accuser had retracted the allegations against him.

A source close to the committee confirmed Mr Frempong's release from custody when reached for comment.

Tenkorang, who appeared before the committee with Osman Anani as a witness, was reported to have told the police that the storekeeper of the Police Exhibits Store, DSP Akagbo, had given the drugs to Mr Frempong to sell.

It has also been established that both Tenkorang and Anani were, in fact, errand boys for Mr Frempong, a car dealer.

The two (Tenkorang and Anani) failed to show up before the committee to be cross-examined by Mr Frempong after the police had introduced them to members of the committee as informants who knew of the dealings between DSP Akagbo and Mr Frempong.

Tenkorang was, however, arrested later at Kwashieman on Good Friday by personnel of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI). Anani is, however, still on the run.

Counsel for Mr Frempong, Mr James Agalga, told the Daily Graphic that Tenkorang and Anani had informed the police that his client was the recipient of the missing cocaine from the Police Exhibits Store.

He said based on that complaint, 16 armed policemen stormed Mr Frempong's residence to arrest him but did not meet him.

He said as a good and responsible citizen, Mr Frempong went to the CID Headquarters to report himself but he was detained.

Mr Agalga said Mr Frempong was put before the committee the next day, during which a witness statement was taken from him.

According to him, Mr Frempong admitted knowing DSP Akagbo when he (Mr Frempong) was involved in another case which was not related to narcotics.

He said Mr Frempong informed the committee that he became friends with DSP Akagbo after that case had been settled.

Mr Agalga said Mr Frempong's testimony was corroborated by DSP Akagbo when he also appeared before the committee.

He said when Tenkorang appeared before the committee after his arrest, he allegedly told the committee that what he had said about Mr Frempong and DSP Akagbo were lies.

Based on that, the committee ordered his immediate release from detention last Friday, he added.

Mr Agalga described Mr Frempong's detention as not only unlawful but also an infringement on his basic human rights.

“On what basis was my client detained, since there was no court order for his detention, neither was he charged for any offence?” he wondered.

He said although the committee had not finished with its work, the order for Mr Frempong's release meant that no adverse findings had been made against him.

Story by Albert K. Salia

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