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21.03.2008 Education

‘Parents have no excuse not to send their children to school’

By The Statesman
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The Deputy Minister of Information and National Orientation, Frank Agyekum has stressed that parents and guardians have no reason not to take their children to school, since school fees at public schools at the basic level have been abolished.

According to the Deputy Minister, the school feeding programme and the free bussing of pupils to school are measures to encourage parents and guardians to send their children to school.

Mr Agyekum made this known when he delivered a speech at the 78th Annual Speech and Prize-Giving Day Celebrations of St Augustine's College, Cape Coast under the theme "Teacher and Parent Partnership in the new educational reform to achieve academic and moral excellence."

The Deputy Minister dispersed the notion of 'no money in our pockets." He said the fact that parents will not have to give their children money for food and transport, coupled with the Capitation Grant means that parents will be able to save money. He said this is an indication of government's commitment to lessen the burden of Ghanaians as well as making life easier for the people.

Touching on the role of teachers and parents in the new educational reform, Mr Agyekum said, "it is very unfortunate that traditionally; education has been entrusted to educators and other professionals in the teaching field only, adding that the recognition of importance of partnership between parents and teachers is a tacit acknowledgement that two heads are better than one."

He said "it is accepted that the central figures in fostering the development of a child's potential are the role of adults in the child's world and there are perhaps, no bigger influence than parents and teachers. Teachers and parents constitute the two most important stakeholders in a child's formation and life."

According to Mr Agyekum, if teachers and parents remain in partnership, it will lead to improved academic performance on the part of students which will invariably breed increased academic motivation as well as reducing the overall effects of drop-out rates for students.

Parents were urged not to leave the education of their wards solely in the hands of teachers but to take keen interest in the development concerning their child's education.

He also said that research has consistently shown that partnership between parents and teachers is critical for success at the educational level and it is thus essential that teachers and parents work towards sustaining the relationship.

By Frank Asiedu

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