07.01.2008 General News

Government urged to take over organization of Hajj

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The Ashanti Regional Muslims Youth Association has suggested to the Government to take back the planning and organization of the Hajj.

This, they said would help to forestall the current annual challenges faced by pilgrims in their attempt to travel to the Holy Land of Mecca due to the actions and inactions of some members of the current Hajj Board.

Addressing a press conference in Kumasi on Monday, Mr Ahmed Rufai Bin Abdallah, Spokesperson for the Association, bemoaned what he said was the influence sectarianism in the appointment of members to the current Hajji Board.

He said this development generated some level of conflict of interest in the operations of the Hajji.

Mr Abdallah also listed weak leadership, lack of appropriate structure for probity and accountability of the Hajji operations as some of the factors inhibiting the smooth pilgrimage of Ghanaian Muslims to Mecca.

He said while the Government considered taking over the management of the Hajji, it was imperative that, the current Hajj Board was probed and the findings made public to help to nip in the bud any malpractice that was associated with the organisation of the Hajj.

He commended the Government for its intervention to make this year's pilgrims to go to Mecca after initial difficulties and expressed the hope it would do same to ensure the smooth return of the pilgrims to Ghana.

Source: GNA

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