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02.01.2008 CPP News

CPP Will Adhere To Transparency, Accountability - Nylander

The Chairman of the Convention People's Party (CPP), Mr Ladi Nylander, has said the new CPP will be strict on accountability and transparency.

He said that as an alternative government in waiting, the CPP needed to be accountable and transparent so that when given the mandate of the nation, it would govern to the satisfaction of all and inspire confidence among Ghanaians.

He told the Daily Graphic that the CPP was moving to a new level where things would not only be done but seen to be done within the corridors of transparency and accountability.

He said that the CPP was repositioning itself strategically to take over the reins of government, especially after Ghanaians had experienced governance under the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“There is no doubt the NDC and NPP have played their part, but the aspirations of Ghanaians are yet to be met and this is where the CPP comes in as an alternative government,” he explained.

He said that the CPP would not depart from the ideals of self-determination, social justice and Pan Africanism.
In this connection, he said that a greater level of state participation was required to ensure that social justice was attained.

Mr Nylander said that the CPP believed in state sector development where jobs were created for the mass of the people.

“We cannot leave all of this in the hands of the private sector,” he argued. He said that CPP was going to translate ideas into profitable action plans for the good of the people.

must expect a new pragmatic development agenda from CPP as it pursues national governance,” he assured. Mr Nylander said that there was the need for all political parties that claimed their heritage from the Nkrumaist ideas to come together and work with a united front.

“It is common sense that if we are all talking Nkrumahist ideas, then we should not dissipate our resources,” he stated.

He said that as a probable way forward, it was his view that where any Nkrumaist political party candidate was standing at a constituency, that party should be allowed to contest the seat unchallenged; after all, ”when we win, we will all be working together”.

Mr Nylander said that the CPP would like to work together with all other Nkrumaist groupings to ensure victory in 2008.

He said as a gesture of goodwill, “I have started talking to several members of other Nkrumaist groupings to concretise the unity ideas”.

He said that the CPP, as a mass political party, would reach out to everyone, stressing that “every vote counts”.
Mr Nylander said that Ghana needed to be managed in a business-like manner because the world had changed into a globalised phenomenon.

He said that the CPP would ensure that Ghanaians were put at an advantageous position because as the world became increasing globalised, we needed to think globally but act locally for the benefit of Ghanaians.

“That is what the CPP pledges to do”, Mr Nylander stated, and underlined the fact that living in a globalised world did not mean that Ghana should be subsumed.

He said in a continent where many people were living below the poverty line, it was important to come together and speak with a common voice to lift the people, especially the youth, from poverty, squalor and diseases.

He said his immediate preoccupation was to make sure that all stakeholders of the CPP, including the patrons, Parliamentary candidates, women and the youth, were brought together for the common good of the party.

“These are all veritable parts of the CPP and it is my objective to make sure everybody is on board so that we can speak with one voice, all in the interest of the CPP,” he said.

He expressed regret that hitherto too many voices were in the political domain, purporting to be speaking on behalf of the party. He explained that these conflicting and confusing signals did not augur well for the party.

He said that now that the CPP had had its congress and elected its leaders, the greatest battle was the 2008 presidential and general election.

Describing the CPP as a sleeping giant, he said that the structures of the party would be strengthened.

On how they were going to organise activities of the party, Mr Nylander said, “Now there seems to be confidence in the new leadership and we are confident they will give us the needed resources because these will be put to good use.

He called on the new executives who would be sworn in on Friday to work extra hard, saying that, “I have no doubt that we will succeed with dedication and commitment”.

Story by Kobby Asmah