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31 August 2007 | General News

Ghana gains popularity in Korea …After beating Brazil!

Accra Mail

The Ghana flag in this Jubilee Year is going places. Since the beginning of the year it's been flying high and on March 6 2007, the country was drenched in Red, Yellow, Green, when Ghana's Jubilee President, John Agyekum Kufuor took the salute at the Independence Square in Accra to celebrate 50 years of independence.

In a small “house” in South Africa, called Big Brother Africa (BBA), thanks to a young Ghanaian lad called Kwaku the Ghana flag has been displayed for Africa to admire and respect.

Last year, the Black Stars during the World Cup popularized the Ghanaian tricolor and made it one of the best loved national colours of the tournament. And now their juniors in far away South Korea are repeating the same feat.

When Ghana's Black Starlets beat their Brazilian counterparts last Wednesday, the euphoria that erupted in Ghana was understandable, but what of South Korea? What did they have to do with our success?

The Ghanaian team, after the victory over Brazil, is now not only one of the most popular teams in the tournament but arguably, the most beloved of the Korean hosts. The euphoria right from commercial drivers to school children in Gwangyang, venue of the clash between Ghanaians and Brazilians has been unending. After booking a place in the quarter finals, the frequently heard shout in Gwangyang now is "Ghana, well done, Ghana take the cup" any time the local people come across any dark skinned person.

There was wild jubilation both inside and outside the stadium soon after the referee signaled for the end of proceedings by both Ghanaians and Korean fans who had thronged the venue to witness the clash.

Most of the Korean fans jumped and hugged any dark skinned person on sight at the stadium stands. Extolling the Starlets soon after the game to indicate their unflinching support and love for the Ghanaian game, the Koreans have not relented in their adulation ever since!

"This is good soccer. Mighty Brazil has fallen. Ghana is good and Ghana go for gold" is now a common theme.

On the way to the Back Woon Hotel Complex, where the Starlets camped together with Nigeria, Colombia and Brazil Korean fans lined the roadsides waving at the bus carrying the players back to their hotel after the victory.

At traffic lights, drivers kept blowing their horns at the sight of a few dark skinned individuals, mainly Nigerian and Ghanaian fans on their way from the stadium.

The Korean media added a touch of solidarity with their colleagues when they embraced members of the Ghanaian media and wished them the best of luck in the remaining matches, to indicate their support and respect for Ghana soccer.

The city Gwangyang which means "The city of dream and hope" seems to have propelled the Ghanaian lads to dream and fight for With Brazil now out of the way, it is the hope that Coach Sellas Tetteh and his boys would complete the task by defeating Peru in Changw tomorrow Saturday, to progress to the final four.



By: FRANCIS TAWIAH , quot-img-1