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07.06.2007 General News

Captain Kobbie goes herbal


It is an undisputable fact that one of the finest Disc Jockeys (DJs) Ghana has ever produced is Captain Kobbie. He is also known as Pilot DJ and has been in the music business for years.

The Pilot DJ is neither a naval captain nor a captain in the army. He is a product of Takoradi Polytechnic where he studied electrical engineering.

His passion for music started at a very tender age, taking him to greater heights.

Captain Kobbie spins at places such as the Indian High Commission, American Embassy, La Palm Beach and Golden Tulip Hotel.

The Pilot DJ, who is celebrating his 57th birthday today, is now a herbalist.

“I became a herbalist through a divine revelation”, he said with goose pimples all over his body.

The efficacy of his divine medicine has been certified by the Mampong Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, he disclosed.

A medical doctor at the Ridge Hospital gave a testimony of Pilot DJ's medicine saying, “I have seen the effect of Mr. Kpodo's (his real name) drug supplement on the well-being of a number of HIV and AIDS patients.

Though there were no scientific trials, the patients began putting on weight and feeling better.”

The medicine, which is called 'Gebriel Herbal Mixture', cures many notorious ailments that orthodox medicine cannot cure.

He is listed among very few herbal practitioners selected to supply medicine to hospitals in the country.

Captain Kobbie still sits in the saddle at social gatherings and other important engagements.

Source: Daily Guide