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01.06.2007 NPP News

'Takashi' won't win elections- NPP

By The Statesman

Repeated threats from some leading members of the main opposition National Democratic Congress that the country risks civil strife if the party loses 2008 general elections have been condemned by the governing party, with a counter-warning.

"We have the constitutional mandate and we'll show the NDC we are in government and we are ready and prepared to use our legitimate power to protect the state and the people," warned the Deputy Minister of Interior.

Indeed some key personalities of the opposition are on record to have stated that Ghana would burn if the 2008 polls are extended to Ghanaians domiciled abroad.

Kwaku Agyemang Manu said the apparent decision by the country"s main opposition party to result to "takashi is a sign of desperation."

He, however, expressed some sympathy with "NDC desperation" since, according to Mr Agyemang Manu, the party which lost power in 2000 knows it cannot compete with the record of the New Patriotic Party.

Mr Agyemang Manu expressed these sentiments when he addressed a highly vociferous members of TESCON branch of Methodist University College of Ghana, under the theme, "Consolidating Democracy; the Role of the Rule of Law."

He explained to the packed hall that the cardinal principle requisite to democracy thriving was tolerance. Without the rule of law society would be ungovernable and anarchy would reign, he said.

Also speaking, Kwame Osei Prempeh, Deputy Attorney-General warned that victory for NDC in 2008 would be a defeat for this country - throwing Ghana's social, political and economic gains into a costly reverse mode.

"As for the NDC it is either power for them or this country burns," he said. The NDC, bent on vengeance, would return Ghana into the old era of mass exile, he predicted.

He urged TESCON members to intensify their political outreach.

"This is the best time to be proud to be a Ghanaian," the Deputy A-G said, charging TESCON, "Go ye and preach the message of good news of the NPP government achievements."

Contributing, Asare "Gabby" Otchere-Darko, The Editor-in-Chief of The Statesman said 2008 polls would be essentially based on comparative analysis of achievements between (P)NDC and NPP.

To bursts of laughter from his audience, Gabby described as peculiar, why NDC founder Jerry Rawlings chooses to campaign against the NPP during his international travels when at the same time his party is against the extension of the franchise.

He said those who are against a property owning democracy simply don't believe that the right of ownership should be limited to the elite and not extended to the majority of the people. "This is because they themselves are proud owners of mansions at East Legon, West Legon, Regimanuel, Labone, and other areas."

He calmly told the crowd that they would only have themselves to be blamed if victory eludes their party in 2008. Going by their record in office and current posture, NDC, he conjectured, could only win the 2008 polls if TESCON, the intellectual base of the NPP, fails to fight the NDC propaganda with facts and figures.

Gabby disclosed that TESCON, whose members understand the issues of governance, policy and programmes of the NPP government will serve as the lead volunteers or political activists to carry out door-to-door campaign for the party in 2008 general elections.

Touching on John Evans Atta-Mills' door-to-door campaign, which has attracted some notable publicity and comments, the senior journalist described the exercise by the NDC leader as a "time bound PR gimmick," which would achieve very little coverage on the ground unless it is continued and expanded by party activists.

Gabby said the very basic democratic principle which compelled NDC delegates to stick to Prof Mills, even though he'd led them to three successive defeats, should be used again to retain the NPP after 2008. "Democracy is fundamentally about having the right and option to choose who leads you. But, exercising that right and option should not be confused with changing for the sake of changing. Vote you must, but you vote for change when it's in your interest.

"It makes no sense to jump off a comfortable Metro bus to climb into an old rickety tro-tro which drives on the road as if it's had a hip operation that went terribly wrong," Gabby said.

Highlight of the programme was the handing over of six member executives to a new team of nine, who were sworn into office by Sheihk I C Quaye, Greater Accra Regional Minister.

Meanwhile, TESCON branch of MUCG has requested for support from the party's headquarters and also information from government Ministers and appointees for them to educate the masses on the achievements, policies and programmes of the current government.

Source: The Statesman