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09.05.2007 Health

Stop Sale Of Food Under Unhygienic Conditions

Dear Editor, I have noticed with concern the way some people prepare and sell food under unhygienic conditions.

Food is cooked and sold near public places of convenience, choked and smelly gutters and other unclean places. This practice exposes consumers to diseases.

Many food sellers also do not wash their cooking utensils and dishes regularly while others don't change the water they use frequently. Some even leave the food uncovered, with flies hovering around it.

Many of the places that some vendors sell are so filthy that they attract flies which settle on the food and cause diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

It is about time people who sell under such unhygienic conditions were arrested and made to do the right thing.

Health inspectors must go round and inspect such places and educate the vendors on the need to sell under hygienic conditions. That way, we will all be saved from eating contaminated food.

Cyril Nyarku,

Mater Ecclesiae Preparatory School,

P.O. Box HP 1281,

Sokode Gbogame.