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09.05.2007 General News

Cholera alert

By myjoyonline

The Greater Accra Regional Health Service Tuesday warned about an imminent outbreak of cholera with the onset of the rains.

However, it said all the government hea1th facilities in the region were equipped to handle cholera cases, the treatment of which was free.

A statement signed by Dr Irene A. Agyapong, Regional Director of Health Services, said any person who had frequent loose, watery stools and was vomiting should rush to the nearest clinic or hospital for treatment.

It said although there was an outbreak of cholera from September 2006 to December 2006, that was effectively controlled but the threat of the disease was present with the onset of the rains.

The statement reminded the public to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene and also wash hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet.

Similarly, it said, all fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed before eating while food and water should be covered to keep flies away from them.

Furthermore, the statement said food must be eaten while hot or warm and people should desist from buying cooked food which was cold or exposed to dust and flies.

It said toilet and other waste materials should be disposed of properly.