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16.04.2007 General News

Serial killers hit Ho

By myjoyonline
Lume in the Ho municipal of the Volta region is in the grip of hysteria sparked by serial killers following the discovery of three murdered people last Thursday in a manner reminiscent of the recent murders at Suhum in the Eastern region plunging the town into perpetual fear.

The discovery of the murdered persons came as a result of a High court order directing the Keta Police to search and exhume the body of one Wilson Kodjo Tenu, a teacher allegedly murdered by the three suspects Xove Apalloo, Mauvi Alixey and Koblaga Question, a chief priest.

After the news of what could aptly be called serial killings at Lume broke out last Thursday, reports gathered indicate that the whole town went frenzy, demanding the blood of the suspects who led the police on the exhumation exercise and to scenes of their heinous crimes.

A huge crowd gathered at the site where the team of policemen together with personnel from the Keta District Health Service and the Ho District Environmental Office dug out the bodies from their crypts after news spread that the killers involved in the killing of the missing teacher had been arrested.

Narrating the facts of the matter, the Assemblyman of the area, Nelson Denu intimated that Nelson Kojo Tenu went missing from the town on September 9, 2006, under very strange circumstances when he received a call on his cell phone to meet some people at a nearby location.

According to him, the elders of the town reported the case of the missing teacher to the Anloga Police on October 6, 2006 when nothing was heard of the missing Kojo Tenu.

As fate would have it, on the 27th day of the same month, one of the missing teacher's relatives called the cell phone number of the deceased only for Xove Apalloo to answer claiming to be speaking from a nearby town, We Abanyakope.

With the help of the Regent of Lume, Mr Fiangor and some elders' of the town managed to arraign Mr Xove to Lume where he confessed before the elders that he bought the cell phone from Koblag Question.

Accounts corroborated by the Regent, Mr Fiangor, other informants and the Assemblyman indicated that due to the inaction of the Anloga Police the town folks referred the matter to the Ho Divisional Police Command who moved to quickly arrest Mauvi Alixey, Koblaga Question and Xove Apalloo for investigation.

According to the Assemblyman, they believe the suspects kill people for juju and other magical practices and that there is a possibility that they (suspects) might have more hidden killings that need to be unraveled.

Source: Gye Nyame Concord