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05.04.2007 General News

Easter Here Again

Tomorrow Christians all over the world will mark Good Friday with church services, during which messages of sacrificial love will be preached, while in some instances the painful journey to the cross will even be re-enacted to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross to save mankind from their sins.

In order not to allow the significance of the occasion to be lost on them, the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, which is the ultimate act of selfless love, will be set up as an example for Christians in particular to emulate.

Incidentally, the message of Easter, which is one of sacrificial love, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation, is on these universal virtues craved for by all societies, irrespective of their religious beliefs, and The Mirror hopes that this message will be embraced by all Ghanaians to enable us to forge ahead as a united people.

For, it is only when we learn to be at peace with one another, forget our bitter past, while learning to be one another's keeper and sacrificing for the common good, that this great nation of ours can attain the heights we have set our sights on.

Over the years, as we have repeatedly stated, the Easter season has increasingly been characterised by family reunions and the initiation and undertaking of projects in various communities to improve the social life of the people.

Consequently, people in the cities and towns use the holiday period to travel in their numbers to their villages.

Unfortunately, as happens every year, there are likely to be motorists, especially drivers of commercial vehicles, who, in an effort to reap maximum benefit, will work long hours without rest, which may result in loss of concentration, leading to accidents.

Again, it is also common these days to see incorrigible drivers who, in spite of the numerous educational campaigns for motorists, still exhibit negative tendencies, such as indiscriminate parking, leaving disabled vehicles on the highways without adequate advance warning devices and speeding, all of which result in the prevailing carnage on our roads.

As we celebrate Easter once more, The Mirror would like to appeal to all motorists to exercise extreme caution during the period to ensure an accident-free festivity.

The Mirror wishes all its numerous readers a Happy Easter.