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26.03.2007 General News

Bature still battles Radio Gold…as Station maintains `Alhaji&Alhaji` name

By (ghanaian-chronicle)

The Predicaments of Alhaji Bature Iddrissu, the former host of Radio Gold's controversial but educative Saturday Morning programme, 'Alhaji& Alhaji' worsened when the station still maintained the name of the programme though he had pulled out from the station.

Last week, listeners observed that whilst the programme was broadcasted with a new host, the affable Alhassan A. Suhini with the old name, 'Alhaji& Alhaji', the former host Alhaji Bature was also hosting a programme on Hot FM with the same name.

Alhaji Bature had been able to gather some new panelists including Joshua Nii Alabi and Frimpong Manso Adakabre. Meanwhile his old panelists, including Dr. Tony Aidoo, Mr. Raymond Archer, Anna Tetteh Kpodah and Mr. Kwesi Pratt were still on the show on Radio Gold.

When The Chronicle reached Alhaji Bature on phone to enquire why Radio Gold was still maintaining the programme he emphasized that “that is why you have to call the management of Radio Gold and ask them why they did not use the name last two weeks but used it last Saturday.”

Responding to a question about whether his trouble with Radio Gold had been solved, he noted that the differences between them could not be solved because of the hypocritical behaviour of some people.

He was happy to announce to the reporter that the programme had gone on successfully on Hot FM with his name 'Alhaji &Alhaji'.

“What name do you want me to use? That is my name, so when they call theirs 'Alhaji & Alhaji' they are just plagiarizing the name. How can you take somebody's work and call it yours?” he stressed.

Alhaji Bature stated that the programme was initiated and put together by him. Then he invited Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini of Graphic Newspaper and Kwesi Pratt of Insight Newspaper after he had backed out of Joy FM's News File programme held on Saturdays.

He expressed bewilderment on the 'Alhaji & Alhaji' name that was being maintained by Radio Gold because they had refused to reconcile with him on his problem adding that it was out of place to maintain his name.

“I have told them I am moving away and I am moving with my name; that is why the last time they did not use the name. I don't know what informed them to use it this time. I have warned them before,” he added.

He continued that it was unethical and immoral to maintain the name because he brought the name and the programme to Radio Gold.

He indicated that the 'Alhaji & Alhaji' on Hot FM was a new programme which had the idea to give opportunity to everyone who wished to be on the programme; an idea which Radio Gold had opposed.

“That was the problem I had with Radio Gold. When they don't like my panelists, they will kick them out but now my doors are opened to anyone who wants to come.”

Meanwhile, efforts to reach Mr. Baffoe Bonnie, the Chief Executive of Radio Gold were unsuccessful.