Mahama's achievement in providing potable water

Feature Article Mahama's achievement in providing potable water

H.E. John Mahama's efforts to improve access to potable water for the people of Ghana was exceptional. In terms of water supply, his government added a total of 14 million gallons of water a day to the national stock

He invested in the expansion and rehabilitation of water treatment plants, pipelines, and distribution networks across the country. This helped to increase the coverage of potable water supply to many communities.

Under Mahama's administration, several new water projects were initiated and completed. These projects included the Kpong Water Supply Expansion Project, the Teshie-Nungua Desalination Plant, and the Wa Water Supply Project.

There are more: Nsawam Water Supply Project - 1.7 million gallons a day, Essakyir Water Supply Project (phase 1) - 3.2 million gallons a day, Five Towns Water Supply Project (Kyebi, Osenase, Anyinam, Apedwa and Kwabeng) - 1.5 million gallons a day, Kumasi Water Supply Project (Barekese Expansion) - 6 million gallons a day and Asante Mampong Water Supply Project - 1.6 million gallons a day, among others.

These projects aimed to provide clean and safe drinking water to more communities.

Mahama's government implemented various other programmes to improve access to potable water in rural areas. These programmes included the Small Towns Water Supply Systems, which focused on providing water to small communities, and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency, which aimed to address water challenges in rural areas.

JDM's government also hierarchise
the development of irrigation schemes to support agriculture. These schemes were directed at providing farmers with reliable access to water for irrigation, thereby boosting agricultural productivity and food security.

I am exhausted from enumerating the achievements of President John Mahama in the water sector. I have tried to be as brief as possible, but I unfortunately have so many pages to conclude which I will leave for another day. In fact, I am in tears as I type because I think we have not celebrated the man, John Dramani Mahama enough for what he did for Ghana!

While these are some of the achievements during Mahama's presidency, it is important to note that access to potable water still remains a challenge in some parts of Ghana. His government's efforts were steps towards improving the situation, and he achieved 85% water coverage. There is still work to be done to ensure universal access to clean and safe drinking water for all Ghanaians. And this is the reason why I implore the good people of Ghana to elect him as president on December 7, to enable him to continue the good work he started.

Anthony Obeng Afrane