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Mahama to focus on Ghanaian films

Mahama to focus on Ghanaian films

Local films are important for several reasons:
Cultural representation: Local films showcase the unique culture, traditions, and stories of a particular region or country. They provide a platform for local filmmakers to tell their own stories and share their perspectives with a wider audience.

Economic impact: The film industry can be a significant source of revenue and job creation for local economies. Local films create opportunities for actors, directors, producers, and other industry professionals to work and contribute to the local economy.

Community engagement: Local films can bring communities together and foster a sense of pride and identity. They can also spark important conversations about social issues, history, and current events that are relevant to the local community.

Talent development: Local films provide a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their skills and creativity. They can help to nurture and develop local talent, creating a pipeline of future industry professionals.

Diversity and representation: Local films can help to promote diversity and representation in the film industry by showcasing stories and perspectives that are often underrepresented in mainstream cinema. They can also provide opportunities for marginalised communities to see themselves reflected on screen.

In all, local films play a crucial role in preserving and celebrating local culture, supporting the local economy, and promoting diversity and representation in the film industry. They are an important part of the cultural landscape and contribute to the richness and diversity of the global film industry.

In connection with these benefits, former President John Dramani Mahama, the 2024 presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has announced that there will be film festivals in Ghana where Ghanaian films will be exhibited, when voted for in the December 7, polls.

This initiative, according to him aims to promote and showcase the talent and creativity of Ghanaian filmmakers to a wider audience both locally and internationally.

He emphasised the importance of supporting the local film industry and providing a platform for Ghanaian filmmakers to showcase their work. He also highlighted the potential for the film industry to contribute to the country's economy and create job opportunities for young people.

The announcement has been welcomed by many in the film industry and is seen as a positive step towards promoting Ghanaian cinema on the global stage. The film festivals are expected to attract filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts from around the world, further raising the profile of Ghanaian cinema.

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