Quest for Olympic gold: French two-time gold medal winner Bertrand Gille

Europe  Philippe Desmazes/AFP
© Philippe Desmazes/AFP

Bertrand Gille won the Olympic gold twice in 2008 and 2012 as part of the French men's handball teams. In an interview with RFI, Gille recounts the feeling after winning his first gold medal and what it means for him. 

He said it is a bit complicated to explain the feeling after winning the gold at the Beijing Olympics as it is very difficult to live through this competition both mentally and physically.

"The first thing I thought after we won was 'Phew, it's over. I will be able to take some rest.' Of course, afterwards there was all the happiness with the friends. It's an incredible feeling to win a gold medal together."

According to Gille, winning the first gold medal was like achieving a goal.

Speaking about repeating this feat at the 2012 Olympics, said it was incredible because most of the experts thought that our generation was too old and that we weren't able to repeat this kind of performance.

RFI English's Dhananjay Khadilkar met Gille recently as France gets ready for the Paris Olympics.