Two Ghanaian girls injured in racist attack in Germany

Germany Two Ghanaian girls injured in racist attack in Germany

On Friday evening, a group of around 20 young people are said to have attacked and insulted two girls from Ghana in the City Grevesmühlen, Germany.

According to the police, one of the perpetrators kicked a girl in the face. On Friday evening, a racially motivated attack took place in Grevesmühlen (Northwest Mecklenburg district) on two eight and ten-year-old Ghanaian girls.

As the police announced today, the perpetrators are said to have kicked the younger girl in the face, their Parents intervened and were also attacked.

The attackers were up to eight people from a group of 20 young people. They are said to have used violence against the two girls at around 7:30 p.m. at the area of Ploggenseering. When the children's parents arrived, the perpetrators also attacked them. The father and his younger daughter were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

An unknown person is said to have insulted the victims of the attack with xenophobic remarks. The police are investigating on suspicion of breach of the peace, dangerous bodily harm, incitement and insult and are looking for witnesses.

Mayor: There is no excuse for the act The mayor of Grevesmühlen, Lars Prahler, reacted with shock to the attack. "This racially motivated act, simply leaves me speechless. It shows bottomless hatred and uninhibited inhumanity and there is no excuse. Not even by the fact that they (the perpetrators) were young people," said the mayor Prahler in an interview with NDR 1 Radio MV.

He expressed his sympathy to the children and their families. He would try to contact them as soon as possible. The town festival in Grevesmühlen is to take place on Saturday despite the incident. "Because we don't want to let such actions by fringe groups dictate how we want to live together as a city society," explains Prahler.Setting an example in difficult times"I think we are living in very difficult times right now, when complex problems are on the streets and those who attack people with stupid slogans and simple solutions have it easy, as attackers," Prahler continues.

It is also time for the majority society, which rejects the drift into racist views of people, to make its voice heard and set an example.Pegel condemns attack Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's Interior Minister Christian Pegel (SPD) also strongly condemned the attack on the two Ghanaian girls. "You don't attack people, especially not children and certainly not for racist reasons," said Pegel on Saturday. There is no place for racism in society.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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