Mepe Mankralo urges expedited relief efforts for Akosombo flood victims 

Social News Mepe Mankralo urges expedited relief efforts for Akosombo flood victims

Togbe Kwasi Nego VI, the Mankralo of Mepe, expressed his concern for the flood victims still inhabiting tents in Mepe Degorme with the rainy season underway.

In an exclusive interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Togbe Nego emphasised the urgent need for swift action to alleviate the suffering of these displaced individuals.

He highlighted the ongoing efforts by the government to construct resettlement homes for the flood victims and stressed the critical necessity for the project to be expedited and completed promptly to provide relief to those affected.

Togbe Nego described the dire living conditions faced by the residents when rainwater seeps into their tents, exacerbating their already challenging circumstances and urged the government to prioritize and accelerate its efforts to address the pressing issue, particularly during the current rainy season.

He appealed to corporate Ghana to lend their support in providing robust shelters for the flood victims to ensure their well-being and safety.

Togbe Nego, however, reiterated his commitment to advocating for the welfare of his community and pledged to continue working tirelessly alongside government officials and corporate partners to expedite relief efforts for the flood victims in the enclave.