Mahama is the correct person to lead Ghana

Feature Article Mahama is the correct person to lead Ghana

Some children of today are hard of hearing and in fact, incorrigible. A friend of mine sometime ago had a taste of their fiendish activities.

Many years ago my friend, Kwame parked his brand new pickup car at a shopping area to buy some items. Kwame has the inscription, “4 X 4” on his car; this is common on most pickup cars.

On returning to his car, he noticed that someone had used an object, possibly a nail to add “=16” to the inscription on the car. Kwame was upset by this, but there was nobody around the car so he went back home.

At home, his wife advised that he respray the portion where the scratches were made and put a new inscription, “4X4=16” so that whoever scratched the car wouldn’t have anything to write this time around; but he was wrong.

Few days later, my friend parked his car at the same spot, and went out to do business as usual. When he came back, the culprit had added the correct✅ sign to the inscription; and Kwame was livid!

As much as this story could be funny, the word “correct” brings my mind to the fact that now that the economy of the country is getting worse with its corresponding hardship, the electorate in 2024 will decide between today and the past, and will not lose sight of the fact that Ghana is about to rise again, and one person is at the tipping point to make it happen. He is H.E. John Dramani Mahama.

Going into this year's polls, one thing is critical -- Job for the youth, and some historical remembrance will be helpful. When President John Mahama was leaving office, the unemployment rate was 8.4% while the current unemployment rate is over 14%.

With his 24-hour economy policy, H.E. John Mahama is going to significantly improve upon his unemployment record to give comfort to the suffering youth if he becomes the next president of the Republic of Ghana. Therefore, he is the correct person to vote for on December 7.

Anthony Obeng Afrane