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Naa Torshie calls for tolerance, peace ahead of 2024 election

By Francis Ameyibor
Naa Torshie calls for tolerance, peace ahead of 2024 election

The Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF), Irene Naa Torshie Addo-Lartey, has charged Ghana’s leadership, particularly those in religious sectors, to promote ethics, accountability, and responsibility as the nation approaches its electoral season.

According to her, as the nation approaches this critical juncture in her democratic history—another election year—the collective message of ethics, accountability, and responsibility should carry additional weight.

"Let us champion the cause for tolerance and peace," Addo-Lartey advocated, stressing that Ghana’s democracy is enriched by civility and the respectful exchange of diverse views.

In a profound address at the 61st Ghana Baptist Convention Ministers’ Conference, Naa Torshie emphasized the importance of these virtues in a politically sensitive period.

The theme of the conference, which focuses on the reinforcement of ethical conduct among religious leaders, comes at a time when Ghana stands as a beacon of democracy in Africa.

She acknowledged the dual role of leaders in both faith and civic spheres and stressed that the stability of the nation hinges not just on political decrees but also on the moral directives issued from the pulpits of churches.

She underscored the significant influence of religious rhetoric on public sentiment and national peace.

According to her, during these times, all leaders, including those of faith, should act responsibly by making pronouncements that promote peace and the stability of Ghana and not encourage conflict or divisiveness.

“As ministers, your words hold the power to inspire peace and guide the hearts of many. Let us use this power wisely.

"Your role extends beyond the pulpit—it influences the ethos of our nation, shaping lives through the profound messages of faith, hope, and love,” she added.

Naa Torshie elaborated on how ethical principles are not just theological concepts but essential to the integrity and credibility of ministries.

Ethics, she said, is about aligning conduct with Biblical teachings, which call us to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

The Administrator also stressed accountability and transparency, citing Romans 14:12 to remind the audience that “each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.”

“This profound scripture reminds us that we are not only accountable to our congregations but ultimately to the Almighty. Transparency in our stewardship of the resources and responsibilities entrusted to us fosters a culture of trust and veracity that extends beyond the walls of our churches into the broader community,” she said.

Naa Torshie implored participants at the conference to dedicate time to pray earnestly for the government and the country and be guided by the principles of righteousness and integrity.

“Let us pray that those in authority are also guided by the same virtues. Pray that their hearts and decisions are directed towards the welfare of all Ghanaians, fostering an environment where peace, justice, and prosperity flourish.

“In this election year, more than ever, let us uphold these virtues of ministerial ethics, accountability, and responsibility. Let us commit to being leaders who not only preach but embody the change we wish to see.

“Together, let us ensure that the fabric of our national discourse is woven with threads of understanding and respect, preserving the peace and unity of our beloved country before, during, and after the elections,” she added.