Wed, 17 Apr 2024 Feature Article

MAGA cultural-wars: Should empathetic commonsensical open-mindedness not prevail?

MAGA cultural-wars: Should empathetic commonsensical open-mindedness not prevail?

Dear critical-reader, the question to ponder over is: Should empathetic commonsensical openmindness not prevail, in the foolish and ruinous MAGA cultural wars now raging across the entirety of the continental landmass of the United States of America?

With the greatest respect, if even today's descendants of the various American Indian tribes, whose ancestors were robbed of their lands in the most egregious of fashions, by desperate immigrants from Europe seeking a new fresh start in life, away from tyrannical European monarchies, are not seeking ethnic supremacy, why are MAGA-types so bent on using cultural-wars dog-whistling-shibboleths, to dehumanise fellow citizens with whom they share membership of the one human race, in a melting-pot society bedrocked on the affirming-declaration that all in it are created equal, and have inalienable rights, including the right not to be discrimated against?

Furthermore, dear critical-reader, over the decades, has the boundless energies of the combining-communities in the world's biggest melting-pot society, the U.S.A., not powered its national economy and underpinned its transformation into the world's preeminent economic power, its mightiest military power ever and its most prosperous society, ever, on the surface of the landmass of the biosphere that is humankind's shared home, in the post industrial revolution's modern era?

Today, on the cusp of the AI-bedrocked, 4th, 5th and 6th industrial revolutions, America more than ever, actually needs the gifts and talents of all its citizens, whatever their shade of skin-hue, to enable it remain the known world's preeminent power. Full stop. Simple commonsense.

That is why the miasma of MAGA madness taking hold across the land of the free, is an existential threat to American greatness and to the longterm well-being of ordinary Americans and that of the nation they love and cherish so much.

For the sake of America's younger generations, their children and the unborn kids of those children, empathetic commonsensical openmindness should, and must prevail, in the ruinous and foolish so-called MAGA cultural wars. Full stop. A word to the wise...