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‘Adopt the Islamic lunar calendar in setting Eid holidays’ — Kekeli Muslim Community to government

Adopt the Islamic lunar calendar in setting Eid holidays — Kekeli Muslim Community to government

The Kekeli Muslim Community, a Ghanaian Islamic non-governmental organization, has called on the Ghanaian government to adopt the Islamic lunar calendar for determining dates of the Muslim festivals of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

In its Eid al-Fitr statement, the group said the current practice of linking the timing of Eid prayers to public holidays causes confusion among Muslims in Ghana.

"Presently, the timing of Eidul Fitr prayers in Ghana in particular is linked to the holiday itself, leading to confusion among many Muslims," said Sheikh Ahmed Zormelo, Director in Charge of Da'wah for Kekeli Muslim Community.

"Divergent prayer dates emerge, causing some to observe Eid on different days, rather than on the prescribed 1st day of Shawwal," he added in the statement dated April 9.

The group proposed determining Eid prayer dates based solely on the lunar calendar, as prescribed by Islamic teachings, instead of tying it to public holidays.

"We propose adopting the Islamic lunar calendar for determining Eidul Fitr prayers as prescribed by the messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, independently of the public holiday," Sheikh Zormelo stated.

By doing so, the group believes it will enable Muslims to better plan leave from work or school and foster greater clarity and unity within Ghana's Muslim community on the important occasion of Eid.


Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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