Mon, 08 Apr 2024 Feature Article

The lamb can kill a wolf

The lamb can kill a wolf

Around 1900 Japan sent out spies to take photos of products, production lines, and documents in Europe and the USA to establish a strong economy and sell the copied products back to their sources. After this phase, they had enough capacity to develop their own innovative products and lead markets.

China invited the developed world to establish Joint Ventures in exchange for opening the domestic market for Western products. They learned fast from the white teachers and soon sold cheap products back to Europe and the USA. From 2018 Chinese scientists trained in the USA started to receive Nobel Prizes and took the national economy to a higher next level.

One of the largest banks in the world HSBC was founded by drug dealers after China was forced to open its market for the use of Opium by the British Empire. The Cold War was a hot war considering the economic espionage with spies in companies and political parties as much as the economic wing of the public administrations. Some historians argue the last two world wars were fought more on economic grounds than politically motivated and that a third World War would be impossible due to the economic costs no country would be able to bear.

The Ecole de Guerre Economiques in Paris/France lectures students on the art of economic warfare, spying, circulating of misinformation, tariffs, customs duties, negotiation, etc. to be prepared for an economic war. Graduates find jobs in the French Secret Service and large corporations.

Colonialism was/is first and foremost an economic war well thought through and carried out. A written and agreed-on strategy was the basis of it. Geo-political interests followed the economic desire and hunger for more, not for others but for their own country. The USA supported their tech companies to fight off China but China successfully supported its own tech firms to build a digital Great Wall between the West and China itself. Soon China will economically overtake the USA.

The question of whether politics is superior to the economy or vis versa is as old and unanswered as the question of the henn and the eggs.

The train of capitalism is rolling along. For countries like Malawi to jump on the moving train and sit in the front row seems today impossible. For centuries and for decades of independence Africa has seen itself and behaved like a lamb ready to be eaten by the white wolves. Wolves always hunt as a gang to kill and eat the dead meat together. Each wolf gets its share according to its rank.

Africa does not need the world but the world needs Africa. Africans find it difficult to understand and work accordingly. One of the needed steps is to copy and improve on the economic war strategies of the white man. African politicians are jealous of each other and greedy to the extent that African Unity is not even a meaningful but dead word in strange dictionaries. The white man realizes his balance sheet for exploiting Africa hangs in the balance and becomes negative, for some visibly now for others in due course (Migration crisis, famine, civil war, unpaid loans, etc.).

The black lamb is a black sheep but could be a lamb with teeth to kill the wolf.