Arrest 63-year-old Nungua Gborbu Wulomo for marrying 12-year-old; his conduct illegal — Madina MP petitions CID

Headlines Arrest 63-year-old Nungua Gborbu Wulomo for marrying 12-year-old; his conduct illegal — Madina MP petitions CID
APR 2, 2024 LISTEN

Madina MP, Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, has submitted a petition to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, urging them to arrest, investigate, and prosecute Nungua Gborbu Wulomo for marrying a 12-year-old girl.

The MP contends that the conduct of the Wulomo is not only illegal but also a violation of local and international laws protecting the rights of children.

In his petition dated April 2, Francis Xavier Sosu referenced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which emphasizes that marriage should only occur with the free and full consent of both parties.

He further pointed out Article 16 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which guarantees women the right to freely choose a spouse and enter into marriage with their free and full consent.

The MP stressed that Ghana, as a signatory to these international conventions, has a duty to prohibit child betrothals and marriages.

Citing Ghana's 1992 Constitution, the MP emphasized that the country has taken steps to criminalize child marriages and betrothals.

Article 28 of the Constitution defines a child as an individual below the age of eighteen and mandates special protection for their physical and moral well-being.

Therefore, the marriage between Nungua Gborbu Wulomo and the 12-year-old child is deemed illegal and null and void under Ghanaian law, argued the lawmaker.

Francis Xavier Sosu also addressed the argument that traditional and religious customs were being used to support marriage.

He referred to Article 26 of the Constitution, which states that while individuals are entitled to enjoy and practice their culture, language, tradition, or religion, customs that dehumanize or harm a person's well-being are prohibited.

To further strengthen his case, the MP referenced Ghana's Children's Act of 1998 (Act 560). Section 14 of the Act sets the legal age limit for marriages in Ghana at eighteen years and explicitly prohibits child marriage, including betrothal and dowry transactions.

Violation of the law carries penalties of fines, imprisonment, or both, as outlined in Section 15 of the same Act.

Additionally, the MP said, Section 109 of the Criminal Offences Act (Act 29) criminalizes the compulsion of marriages and imposes penalties for such offenses.

In light of these legal provisions and the flagrant violation of the rights of an innocent Ghanaian child, Francis Xavier Sosu urgently called upon the CID to exercise its powers of arrest, conduct thorough investigations, including potential defilement, and prosecute Nungua Gborbu Wulomo.

The petition has also been copied to the Inspector General of Police, the Head of DOVSU (Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit), the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, and the Chairman of the Gender Committee of Parliament, highlighting the significance and urgency of the matter.




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