Travelwings spreads festive love by feeding less privileged in Accra

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General News Travelwings spreads festive love by feeding less privileged in Accra
APR 1, 2024 LISTEN

In the midst of the bustling streets teeming with joyful festivities, a dedicated team from Travelwings embarked on a heartfelt mission to bring joy and sustenance to those in need.

With the Easter spirit permeating the air, the travel agency organized a touching event aimed at providing nourishment to the homeless and less fortunate individuals on the streets of Accra.

Stretching from Madina in Accra to its surrounding suburbs, the initiative reached out to over 200 people, offering food, water, and other essential supplies to those in need.

Neeraj, the operations manager of Travelwings, emphasized that this charitable endeavor is an integral part of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, aimed at giving back to the community and supporting the most vulnerable.

The event brought smiles to the faces of the street children and homeless individuals, whose expressions of solemnity were replaced by beaming smiles of joy upon receiving the much-needed packages.

Their heartfelt comments and expressions of gratitude served as a poignant reminder of the impact of such acts of kindness and generosity.