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The Colonizers’ Last Stand

The Colonizers Last Stand
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Caucasians have had a good run for the last 500 years. In the latter part of the fifteenth century, European explorers swarmed from their lairs in Europe into the rest of the world. The Spaniards bank-rolled the infamous voyages of Christopher (I want to make the Indians my slaves) Columbus while the Portuguese did the same for the voyages of Vasco da Gama around the Cape of Good Hope and on to India. Ironically it was da Gama’s voyages that delivered on the new route to India promise made by the villainous Columbus.

The continent of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas would never be the same after contact with the murderous, Christian, fanatical, European hordes, who were bent on reshaping the world after their image and likeness. People and civilizations were exterminated with extreme prejudice to make way for the glories of Western European, Christian, omelet, civilization. The size of the omelet civilization envisaged by the rapacious Europeans required the breaking of my eggs and Africa and the New World abounded with sturdy, perfectly formed specimens of ova.

In true Lords of the Galaxy style, Europeans raped, pillaged, and plundered to their Christian hearts content. The Old Testament deity Jehovah must have looked on approvingly as Christian Europe implemented a genocidal program that would have made the great Jewish ancestors Moses and Joshua both envious and proud. Devil worshiping heathens in Africa and the New world were either put to the sword or made to be hewers of wood and drawers of water in service to the supposedly superior, Christian, European civilization.

European colonies in the Caribbean, most notably Saint Domingue (Haiti), Barbados, Cuba, and Jamaica were virtual cash cows for the metropolitan nations that controlled these colonies. Cash crops like tobacco, cotton, and sugar cane generated so much revenue that plantation owners in many Caribbean jurisdictions opted for the lifestyle of absentee landlords in Europe where their wealth rivaled that of the nobility. Needless to say, this wealth was being generated from the blood, sweat, and tears of Indigenous and African people.

Much of this immorally obtained wealth became the foundation of the generational wealth enjoyed by contemporary Europeans in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. Joe R. Feagin, writing in his book Racist America, cites a study by James Marketti which suggests that African Americans have lost somewhere between $2.1-4.7 trillion in wages alone since the seventeenth century. Feagin adds that the cost of labor market discrimination against Blacks during the Jim Crow era could be in the vicinity of $1.6 trillion.

After a comment by the monarch of England in which he stated that the time had come to acknowledge the impact of slavery, the Prime Minister of Barbados Ms. Mia Motley attacked the issue head on. Using a calculation made by the Brattle Group which factors in the wealth made by countries that enslaved African people, Ms. Motley affirmed that the United Kingdom owes $24 trillion in reparations to 14 countries affected by transatlantic slavery. The same Brattle Group calculation has worked out an amount owed by Spain, France, and the Netherlands to its former colonies.

Understandably, it will take more than eloquent speeches by African and Caribbean leaders to force Europeans and Americans to commit to the process of reparatory justice. People of African ancestry will most likely have to put the feet of Caucasians into the fire to transform the reparations issue into something more than just a talk show. Since people of African ancestry are a huge and soon to be a humongous consumer market, we will have to weaponize our consumption to help us get some of the reparatory justice that we deserve.

The proxy war in Europe between Russia, the US, and the European Union has forced the European Union to look beyond Russia for supplies of oil and gas. Nigeria and other oil producing African countries are therefore poised to become even more strategically important to the European Union. Approximately 80% of the world’s coltan is located on the African continent. Coltan with its unique electrical properties is essential to the cell phone and laptop, automotive electronics, and camera industries.

Africa also has the second largest deposits of uranium in the world. Regrettably there are no uranium enrichment programs for peaceful or wartime purposes on the African continent. Africa is also home to nearly 5 million tons of lithium which is needed if the electric car revolution is to reach critical mass. Africa also has the largest deposits of gold, diamonds, and platinum. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that Africa is the most mineral rich region of the world.

Unfortunately, Africa’s weak political infrastructure has made it well-nigh impossible to translate Africa’s abundant mineral deposits into political leverage in the global arena. An African superstate as envisaged by Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and many of our great Pan-African ancestors would have allowed the African superstate to exercise significant political leverage in the international arena.

The Ukrainian war coupled with the American and European Union supported genocidal campaign of the Israeli Offense Force in Gaza are like miner’s canaries, warning us that we could be close to the nadir of Caucasian supremacy in the modern world. President Joe Biden’s unrepentant support for the ongoing Israeli atrocities in Gaza may very well open the door for a second Trump presidency in the US. This second Trump presidency if it pans out, will almost certainly be the last opportunity for Caucasians to play Lords of the Galaxy in a world that is largely becoming African, Asian, and Colored.

Lenrod Nzulu Baraka is the founder of Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Teaching Center and the author of The Rebirth of Black Civilization: Making Africa and the Caribbean Great Again.