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Are we simply cursed or is Leadership failure?

Are we simply cursed or is Leadership failure?

Being in Africa is just like being in the midst of the sea where one is surrounded by volumes of sea water yet, they are of no use to the thirsty man. Thirst, hunger, famine, chronic diseases, extreme poverty just to mention few have clothed the people of Africa in the midst of abundant and uncountable resources.

So what is the actual cause of Africa's problems, is it leadership failure or the Blackman is cursed as we have been made to believe.

What has caused the failure of the vast continent endowed with amazing sceneries and natural resources.

A continent that leads the world in many things. Just think about these few things,

Africa has the world’s largest desert, the Sahara Desert

It is home to the world’s longest river, The Nile

Most of the world’s diamonds come from Africa about 95% of the world's diamond.

Africa makes 70% of the world’s cocoa beans.

What else do you need to know that the continent is undoubtedly rich..

Right from Tunis in Tunisia across Kigali in Rwanda to Port Elizabeth in South Africa, every seed that will accidentally falls in between these areas will germinate into a viable crop capable of feeding tens of people, yet we still spend huge sums of money meant for development to import tonnes of food to feed our youthful population. Is this not ironic?

Is by fluke that Africa was once called the food basket of the world. Or Africa is just cursed to import food to feed its inhabitants despite the abundance of arable and fertile lands.

Oh Africa! So when are you going to redeem your lost image.

Africa is never cursed but in serious leadership Crisis, yes profound leadership Crisis.

How can a land where civilization started now lags behind development?

We should stop blaming the Western world for our predicament because our self centered leaders have been availing themselves to become puppet of the West just for a peanuts in return. We are totally responsible for our failures and not the Western world as we are made to believe. When the Whiteman came to the coast of Africa to engage in that babaric human trade did he know the route to Assin, Kokofu Kivu, Bekwai, Ibadan and the other hinterlands in Africa?

Is not our own people who showed and led the Whiteman to these places. We the Africans are the architect behind these devilish trade but now want to shift the blame and appear innocent.

These white people will leave their country endowed with spotted resources and come to Africa to damage and heavily pollute our water bodies in the name of gold mining.

What a hell? Yet our leaders seem unconcerned.

Wait ooo, when did these Chinese nationals get to know that there is place called Manso Adubia, Kyebi, Tarkwa and so on. Is it not our leaders who leads these foreign nationals to cause those irreparable damage to our lands and water bodies, can you dare to go to China and even drop a pin in their Yangtze River? Hmm like that will be the end of your existence on this earth.

Or this one too we are just cursed to lose our sense of reasoning and responsibility.

With all these abundant resources surrounding us like an island deep in the Atlantic Ocean, our leaders always run like a succulent antelope being chased by a hungry lion to the Briton Wood institution and the world bank just for little drops of coins to even finance their annual budget, or we are just cursed to borrow money from them. In the midst of these abundant resources, our leaders run to the West and exchange our precious metals just for peanuts in the name of development but there is nothing to show for apart from making these Western countries rich or we are cursed to give our resources as charity to other nations.

All the horrible diseases in the world, talk about HIV, Ebola, monkey pox and the rest that you can think of are all believed to have originated from Africa. Eiiiiiiiiiii so are we cursed to that extent.

No! Africa is never cursed but in dire need of a good and selfless leaders, that is all that we need. The Western world cannot survive for micro second without Africa. Yes that is why any leader who stand to be in charge of its country resources is seen as anti West. And they will do all that they can to bring him down, just think of late Colonel

Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia and how he transformed the desert country, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, late Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe became prey of the West just because they were never ready to give away their natural resources to them.

Or these leaders were not part of those Africans that have been cursed!

All that Africa need is a nationalistic and selfless leaders who can spearhead and propel the development of the the continent with the vast resources.

Remember, Africa is one of the most religious continent, and if our problem is that we have been cursed, by now we would have been freed from these curse bondage.

We are not cursed, we just need good leaders.

God bless Africa.
Mungu ibariki Afrika

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