W/R: MP Joseph Cudjoe leads Norwegian football scout on talent hunt in Effia

General News WR: MP Joseph Cudjoe leads Norwegian football scout on talent hunt in Effia
FEB 23, 2024 LISTEN

William Larsen Nyaborg, a representative of the enterprising Norwegian football scouting agency, Boss Agency, dedicated three days from February 9th to 11th in the Effia constituency of the Western Region on a mission to unearth potential football stars destined for global fame.

Invited by Joseph Cudjoe, Member of Parliament for Effia, Nyaborg immersed himself in the local soccer scene, attending matches, observing training sessions, and engaging in various football-related activities to gauge the talent pool in the area.

Expressing his admiration for the talent on display, Nyaborg lauded Ghana's abundant football prowess, particularly emphasizing the technical abilities of the players and their ability to compete with seasoned veterans. He stressed the importance of proper training, guidance, and equipment in nurturing these talents for international success.

Several local football clubs, including Team Move, Bis Paradise SC, Future Stars, and Ville Afrique, participated in the talent trials, with sixteen standout players earmarked for further evaluation and potential opportunities abroad.

In a statement to ConnectNews, MP Joseph Cudjoe highlighted his vision to elevate Effia as a football hub akin to Bukom's stature in boxing, emphasizing the importance of holistic human development beyond infrastructure projects.

Cudjoe and his Norwegian partners have committed to annual scouting visits by Boss Agency to Effia, underscoring the agency's international reach and track record in discovering talent, including notable players like Jewison Bennette, Orlando Galo, Juan Pablo Vargas, and Anthony Contreras.

Boss Agency's presence at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where it represented over 10 Costa Rican national team players, underscores its credibility and expertise in the global football landscape.


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