Critical Reflections on Ghana's Economic Challenges: An Open Letter to Kofi Bentil

By Bilal Muazu Suleman
Letter Critical Reflections on Ghana's Economic Challenges: An Open Letter to Kofi Bentil
FEB 5, 2024 LISTEN

Dear Mr. Kofi Bentil,

Ghana stands at a crossroads, with many citizens looking to individuals like you, known for your neutral and liberal stance, to address the escalating economic challenges imposed by the current NPP government over the past seven years. Your recent shift in perspective has not gone unnoticed, sparking global astonishment as you advocate for someone who has collapsed the Economy as the Head of Economic Management Team to be given the opportunity become President of Ghana.

This sudden change in stance raises questions about your credibility, considering the government's track record of influencing outspoken critics. The public is well aware of their tendency to compromise those who speak out against their administration. It is disheartening to witness you make statements that could inadvertently cast an undeserved positive light on Dr. Mahamoudu Bawumia and his team.

Mr. Bentil, it appears you may be detached from the harsh realities faced by ordinary Ghanaians under this administration. The frustration and burden of taxes imposed by the current government contradict the promises made in 2016, particularly the pledge to shift from taxation to production. It is crucial to acknowledge the struggles of the average Ghanaian and refrain from glorifying policies that have not lived up to expectations.

Defending or praising the current regime, especially figures like Bawumia, is no easy task. Even your colleagues within the NPP, such as Prof. Adai and Dr. Amoako Baah, have chosen to distance themselves to protect their reputations. Your recent statements, unfortunately, only serve to bring public ridicule upon yourself.

I urge you to reconsider the impact of your words and actions, as accepting inducements to make such comments would be a disservice to the suffering Ghanaian population. Regardless of any perceived benefits, the cry of the people enduring the consequences of this government's actions will not easily forgive such compromises.

Thank you