Teshie Chieftancy Issues: Gang leader arrested with unregistered gun

Chieftaincy The alleged gang leader arrested by the Police
The alleged gang leader arrested by the Police

In the ongoing Teshie Chieftaincy dispute, the alleged gang leader Ashitey La, reportedly influenced by Nii Kwaobotswe and Gbetsoolo Nii Akomfrah, has been apprehended.

The arrest comes as a result of the gang leader being found in possession of an unregistered firearm.

Sources indicate that during questioning, the gang leader explicitly implicated Nii Kwaobotswe and Nii Akomfrah as the owners of the unregistered gun, shedding light on potential connections to the chieftaincy dispute.

Disturbingly, information suggests that innocent individuals have fallen victim to the situation, having been wrongfully arrested due to the alleged negligence of the gang leader influenced by Nii Kwaobotswe and Nii Akomfrah.


In response to these developments, residents are urging Vice President Dr. Alhaji Bawumia to intervene by calling on the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, and the Greater Accra Regional Commander to address the unfolding issues.

They express concern about documents reportedly being ordered from higher authorities within the Teshie District Command, raising questions about the transparency of the legal process.

Moreover, the residents are calling on the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr. Henry Quartey, to refrain from intervening in the matter.

The request suggests a desire for an impartial resolution and an independent investigation into the chieftaincy dispute without external influence.

As tensions rise, the involvement of high-ranking officials becomes pivotal in ensuring justice and restoring peace in Teshie.

It remains crucial for the authorities to prioritize a fair and unbiased resolution to maintain the trust of the community in the justice system.




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Dickson Boadi

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