OSP works with 300 "evil" personnel, only 10 are lawyers — Paul Adom-Otchere reveals

Headlines OSP works with 300 evil personnel, only 10 are lawyers —Paul Adom-Otchere reveals
DEC 5, 2023 LISTEN

Metro TV’s Paul Adom-Otchere and host of ‘Good Morning Ghana’ has made allegations against Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng, accusing him of collaborating with an "evil" group of individuals who, according to him, do not have the best interests of Ghanaians at heart.

While Adom-Otchere did not disclose the identities of these individuals, he asserted that they are a cabal at the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP).

"He works with those clad faces; he works with evil people. Yes, I'll say it again; they are evil people. That ring that he belongs to, they are evil people," Adom-Otchere stated.

Adding to the controversy, Adom-Otchere accused Lawyer Agyebeng of staffing the OSP with a majority of individuals who lack a legal background or legal education.

According to the TV host, out of the 300 individuals employed at the OSP, only 10 are legal practitioners.

He asserts that the core functions of the OSP should primarily involve legal expertise.

"From the information that we picked up yesterday, here is this guy who has employed 300 people in his office. The OSP has employed 300 persons as a matter of public record.

“Now look at the distribution here, only 10 of them are lawyers. He employs 300 in his office. The 300 on taxpayers' money, only 10 are lawyers," Adom-Otchere said.

He indicated that 80 of the staff are employed for research and media work.

"Now check out, 80 of the people he has employed are media and research. As a TV station, he has employed 80 people as media and research staff sitting at the office of the special prosecutor.

“Even here at Metro TV, even the GBC, they have plenty of people. Other big TV stations, TV3, do they have 80 media research staff? What's he doing there, what are they doing there, and who and who does he work with?" Adom-Otchere queried.

Adom-Otchere called on Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng to rise above reproach.

This follows a press conference held by the OSP last week, during which Agyebeng criticized judicial interference in the office's work.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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