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Ghanaian Professionals Network host Night of Excellence in Texas honoring persons from Ghana

By Abeeb Lekan Sodiq
Ghanaian Professionals Network host Night of Excellence in Texas honoring persons from Ghana

The 3rd annual gala hosted by the Ghanaian Professionals Network (GhPN) in Dallas, Texas in the United States (US) was a remarkable event celebrating Ghanaian excellence and achievements. The gala brought people together to recognize the contributions of trailblazers, celebrate the cultural heritage of Ghana, and support a notable cause – the GhPN Scholarship Fund.

Several individuals and organizations were recognized for their outstanding contributions to their communities and beyond at the Saturday, November 4th, 2023 event. Awardees received Adinkra themed awards, they included Reverend Martin Osae, who received the Aya Award for his community leadership and advocacy for youth in North Texas. Mr. Kofi Anku was awarded the Kyinkyim award for his dynamism and proactive initiatives, particularly in the real estate arena in Ghana, while Oral Ofori received the Woforo Dua Pa A award for his efforts in promoting the African story worldwide.

Dallas Fort-Worth Council of Ghanaian Associations (COGA) was acknowledged with the Neo Ope Se Obedi Hene award for its service and leadership to the Ghanaian community.

Ghanaian Adinkra symbols were prominently featured in the gala’s decor, from signage to table centerpieces and even the cake. This incorporation added depth and meaning to the event’s purpose. Children, adorned in white cloth and traditional beads, graced the stage with a captivating Kpanlogo cultural dance, showcasing the rich cultural traditions of Ga Dangme people of Ghana.

In his award acceptance speech Mr. Ofori, founder of TheAfricanDream LLC, a Washington DC based information and communication research consultancy on Africa affairs said the award is “for all of you who are putting in all the efforts but are not seeing results, sometimes results take time. So keep being persistent, keep believing in yourself and what you’re doing. The people that the world expect the least from, are the ones that end up doing the things that the world least expected. It’s a privilege to be among tonight’s awardees. I am happy for that, thank you.”

“The award is a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge continents and create a more interconnected world. Let us continue to amplify diverse voices and showcase the beauty and resilience of the African story.” he added in a post-event interview.

According to the event organizers, Adinkra symbols were heavily featured “because of their importance as part of the heritage of the Ghanaian people. They are often used as a way to communicate ideas, values in a visual way, and convey traditional wisdom. It is our way of promoting the Ghanaian culture.”

The gala also included a silent auction featuring paintings and handcrafted carvings sourced from Ghana. Luxury packages, such as a private chef-catered dinner by Chef Aaron Asante and a photoshoot by JSQL Photography were included as auction items.

The event’s hosts were Bisi Braimah, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Legit & Co, and King Guapo, CEO of Guapo Essentials, who guided the audience through the evening’s exciting program.

The gala served as a testament to the collective strength and achievements of the Ghanaian community. GhPN pledged to host “another amazing gala next year,” celebrate culture, community, service and invite potential sponsors and Ghanaians across the state of Texas and the United States (US). This will help to continue discovering ways to work on strengthening the needed unity and cohesiveness to integrate Ghanaian professionals in the US, North America and globally.

Proceeds from the gala will go towards funding the GhPN scholarship program which is designed to encourage, support, and recognize outstanding Ghanaian youth for their demonstrated talent and academic excellence. These merit-based scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and undergraduate students for their academic, athletic, or artistic ability. Donate to the GhPN scholarship fund

Learn more about GhPN from their official website at and discover ways you can collaborate with them. You can directly contact them through their email address on the website or social media platforms.

Written by: Abeeb Lekan Sodiq

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