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Zaddy Sokoh's Wife

Zaddy Sokoh's Wife
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"She could even recline in his lap like a lazy pet while he engages in libidinous dialogue with beautiful girls in his romantic constituency."

Shakespeare once said in Hamlet: "If thou needs marry, marry a fool; for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them."

This, perhaps, is the reason Zaddy Sokoh married a village girl from the city. His extra marrital deviations could only flourish in the full glare of a sloppy, apathetic wife.

Let's call spade a spade, Mrs Sokoh is a hobby horse. She's a thick headed, vacuous inferno of clumsiness; a gross validity of ineptitude; a crackpot of stupendous naivety and a diminished half--brained cuckoo, unworthy of the title of wife of the smartest honorable member of Parliament for the People's Federal Constituency.

Her ladyship is indeed a legendary pillar of dullness. With her own mouth, she helps her husband to plan and undertake illicit pleasures and wanton adventures at her expense. Her false sense of security is her ultimate downfall.

Talk about wives who pay no heed to the goings on around their men; who mistake ceaseless flirtatious telephone conversations for business chats; who blindly ignore a husband's effusions of lust for younger women and Mrs Sokoh wins the first prize any day.

She lives for one purpose only‐‐--to help her husband orchestrate the next cheating episode successfully. She could even recline in his lap like a lazy pet while he engages in libidinous dialogue with beautiful girls in his romantic constituency.

She would look on in limbo while Zaddy brutalizes and confuses her with his coded parliamentary epithets and jargons of pretentious obfuscation.

Vandalised by the attrocity of his speeches, the poor woman resigns to her ignorant fate. She would nod in agreement with her husband's verbal gymnastics about the "masses" and his "constituents," "votes" and "ballot boxes," "constituency chairman" and many more of such nonsensical permutations and useless platitudes of hot air meant to hypnotize her.

But be not deceived into thinking that this is only a theatrical performance meant for public entertainment. Some wives are as dull and lethargic as Mrs. Sokoh. Pusillanimous---that's how to best describe this tribe of half-wits.

Like Mrs. Sokoh, they see nothing with their eyes and hear nothing, although they have two ears. Holy matrimony is their only mission and their complacency. That's where their world ends.

A woman who pays no attention to her husband's needs may give birth to a Zaddy Sokoh without knowing. Need l say more?

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