Sam George, you are dishonorably disgusting

Press Release Sam George, you are dishonorably disgusting
NOV 10, 2023 LISTEN

Sam George is gaining notoriety for squeamish and silly comments during his media engagements. His recent, being a rant towards the newly elected leader of the NPP, H.E Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia on the issue of religion among others.

We find the comments dishonorable, disgusting and divisive and believe it falls short of the expectations of a Hon MP.

NPP UK fully condemn the use of those words to describe the newly elected leader of our Party, and urges Sam George (Hon MP) and a Church Leader, to desist from using such language in his engagements. It does not only send the wrong message and impressions of him personally, but also who he represents.

Sam George (Hon MP ) and also a Church Leader, must understand that he is expected to be a role model for many young men and women from his constituency and the nation at large, and must hence be courteous in his submissions and comments. While we build a stronger democracy in Ghana, those in leadership have a huge responsibility to lead from the front, and must be aware of the impact of their actions and words.

H.E Dr. Bawumia’s visit to religious organisations is a sign of his willingness to bring unity and to work with people from all faiths and backgrounds demonstrating inclusivity. This must also be seen as a sign of tolerance and accepting of others and nothing more, a behavior that we expect from all leaders in Ghana, including Sam George (Hon).

Thank you.
Long live Ghana.
Long live NPP.
Ling live NPP UK.
…. Signed….
NPP UK Communications Directorate
United Kingdom